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#4262 - Friday, May 27, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz
The Nonduality Highlights -






Over the years, Chuck Hillig has been one of the most frequently quoted people in the Nonduality Highlights.


“Living in the WOW!” by Chuck Hillig is an amazing new 95 minute DVD presentation that explores some of the mind-bending implications of looking at (and living in) the everyday world from a non-dualistic perspective.  Non-dualism suggests that ALL perceived separation is really only an incredible illusion.  This program will help you to discover how to live a fully realized life by becoming the “Awakened-Dreamer. [quoted from the website]


Buy the DVD for $15.00 (+ $4 shipping and handling).



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"The Power of Wow" is Chuck's newest approach to introducing and explaining nonduality. Chuck uses photos, graphics, cartoons, and quotations abundantly, creatively, and very effectively within an attractive powerpoint presentation that he narrates. 


This is an excellent introduction for people newly discovering nonduality as well as for nonduality sages and veterans who realize they are always beginners. The DVD covers four points:


1. You are the dreaming dreamer; you are invited to own your own dream.

2. Stop outsourcing the responsibility for how the universe is to anyone or anything else.

3. Make Yes your default position in dealing with the universe, an enthusiastic yes.

4. Call off the search. Just abide in the truth of who you already are.


Here are a few quotations from the DVD:


"I'm here to disillusion you but I'm not here to try to talk you into anything."


"This is not about belief or faith."


"I cannot prove anything I'm pointing out."


"The entire universe takes place in your own head."


"You can't move closer to god with your sanctity and you can't move further with your depravity."


"In a sense your body is the avatar that consciousness uses to play in the Pandora of the mind."


"The Power of Wow" takes a stand in consciousness, the ultimate context. The power of the work is in the context shift: The Wow!


-Jerry Katz


~ ~ ~


Buy the DVD for $15.00 (+ $4 shipping and handling).


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