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#4265 - Monday, May 30, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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Everything that lives is holy, life delights in life. 


~ William Blake.



by Alan Larus



Embracing your wholeness is the greatest gift you can give to others. Being
sustained fully as you are right now, leaves you empty of grasping to the world to
fill yourself up. Being already full, you are free to just be yourself, as you are,
moment to moment. When you don’t need anything from the world, or from other
people, everything you do is service.


~ Christine Wushke




Gnostics on Trial
by Linda Gregg



Let us make the test. Say God wants you
to be unhappy. That there is no good.
That there are horrors in store for us
if we do manage to move toward Him.
Say you keep Art in its place, not too high.
And that everything, even eternity, is measurable.
Look at the photographs of the dead,
both natural (one by one) and unnatural
in masses. All tangled. You know about that.
And can put Beauty in its place. Not too high,
and passing. Make love our search for unhappiness,
which is His plan to help us.
Disregard that afternoon breeze from the
on a body almost asleep in the shuttered room.
Ignore melons, and talking with friends.
Try to keep from rejoicing. Try
to keep from happiness. Just try.




by Alan Larus



I was performing The Sea Lion in the Newport Performing Arts Center.
Afterwards a white-haired old woman approached me and said, Hey, you remember
me? I looked her over, and I knew I remembered her, but had no idea who she was.
She said, Lois. It still didn’t click. She said, Lois Learned, Big Nurse, and I thought,
Oh my God. She was a volunteer at
Newport, long since retired from the nursing
business. This was the nurse on the ward I worked on at the
Menlo Park hospital. I
didn’t know what to think and she didn’t either, but I was glad she came up to me. I
felt there was a lesson in it, the same one I had tried to teach
Hollywood. She’s not
the villain. She might be the minion of the villain, but she’s really just a big old
tough ex-army nurse who is trying to do the best she can according to the rules
that she has been given. She worked for the villain and believed in the villain, but
she ain’t the villain.


~ Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest



Ani Choying Drolma - Namo Ratna Traya - Munich 07

 Ani Choying Drolma is a nun from Nepal with a wonderful voice...


by Belle Heywood to Facebook



A Bed of Rose Petals


Gentle Readers,


I don’t like being too gentle with you; it’s just not that much fun. I am a
take-no-prisoners kind of writer in the last analysis. I like to spit it out, let ‘er rip
and move on. I don’t foresee a time when that will change. My little post-it note says,
Come from your heart. Feel it and they feel it. I think someone on American Idol said
that. And it is oh, so true.


I will never feel like whitewashing my introversion or sugar-coating the long, hard,
unrelenting years of being a caregiver and then a mourner twice in one lifetime. I now
honor my life in a powerful way. How do I do this? By choosing to live by some key
principles that work for me.


I choose to love myself.


I work hard gathering energy when I have no problems.


I know if something is right for me, it’s right for the universe.


If something is true, I will feel it in my body.


I vow to relieve the suffering of all sentient beings. (The vow of Kwan Yin.)


One does not need to cling to outmoded phrases handed down by the ancients. It is
enough to recognize that we are the Self in all beings.


The mind has had its say and its day. Now the heart opens like a rose and the petals
fall where they may. Today is Memorial Day weekend. I am at loose ends, content
with my discontent. The only thing left to do is be and any conscious man or woman
trumps an unconscious one, hands down.


Troubles there are enough in this world. Beyond and among the troubles stands the
solution to all of them. Above the clouds there is no turbulence and under the stars
sits the Self deep in meditation. We have heard all the stories about the enlightened
ones; we have practiced willfully and gotten nowhere fast. Now we must make the leap
into Everywhere At Once. May you land on a bed of rose petals.


Vicki Woodyard



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