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#4266 - Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz


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Prema Akasha - - writes...


Sonya Amrita is specializing in supporting awakening in the work place, and is writing a book about nondual awakening and right livelihood. Of particular interest right now is that she is offering a free recording of one of her classes from her "Buddha at Work" seminar series, about the "personal call to action," which seems to be the juncture where a lot of people find themselves right now.


There's a lot of satsang out there these days, and plenty of "spiritual business" information, but whenever I look for something business-related that truly honors the nondual perspective I have a challenging time finding much, if anything. So I think she is filling an important gap with her work.


If you're interested in hearing a sample of her recording, it is on DharmaTunes


- just click on recording #2.


The place where people can get the complimentary recording for a limited time is here:


From the website:


When we bring Awakened Awareness of Oneness to our work life, rather than leaving it on the meditation cushion, we create stronger and more emotionally intelligent business communities, sustainable business practices, and empowering financial models. In this new world of business, our greatest strengths and gifts become integrated and fully exercised/utilized.


What you will learn:


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