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After Awareness: The End of the Path

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#4267 - Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz 

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Susan Kahn is featured: her poetry, her nonduality, her interview on Nonduality Street.




Emptiness Cafe


Life moves 

Like shadow and light, 

Instantaneously appearing, 

Though I cannot find time itself. 

Cities mirrored in thought, 

Nothing standing alone. 

There is no seer without the seen, 

No thought without thing. 

Subject and object inter-rise. 

Feelings, perceptions, none self-made. 

Not even the heart 

Lights its own flame. 

The separate self departs. 

There are sensations, conversations, 

Aromatic contemplations, 

But no I to claim 

This emptiness cafe. 

~ ~ ~

Since studying and meditating on emptiness teachings, I was able to give nonconceptual, nondual experiences a gestalt that integrated them into life.  This teaching brings both the emptiness of phenomena and cause and effect together in a way so as to understand and live through the guidance of nondual wisdom and compassion.  

My work as a licensed therapist, utilizing both cognitive and psychodynamic therapies, has also been influenced and woven together with nondual emptiness teachings.  The aim of emptiness teachings is to alleviate suffering and do so in a way that identifies and addresses its root cause, without finding it desirable or even possible to withdraw from individual and worldly concerns.

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