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#4273 - Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -    

Jim Conrad writes:  

When you run into someone who's lived a different kind
of life -- such as the one the past ten years of my
Newsletters describe -- it's natural to ask, "What's
it like being that way? What have you learned?"

One insight into the first question is provided by
this fact: The trajectory of my last ten years was
directed less by intelligent and wise decision making,
than by the process of elimination. During those ten
years I wanted a simplified existence focusing on
Nature so badly that I didn't mind ending up living in
tents, unused trailers, people's barns, the ruins of
buildings, Maya corncribs, thatch-roofed huts and the
like. And though I wouldn't have chosen such homes
over more comfortable ones if I'd had a choice,
somehow once I began living where I was I always found
my home experience happy and enriching in ways I
hadn't anticipated.

With regard to what I've learned, the first thing
coming to mind is that I've been mightily impressed by
the irrepressible diversity of people, their
societies, and the natural environments people and
societies are rooted in. The all-encompassing
evolutionary drive toward diversity is so compelling
that it's clear to me that the Universal Creative
Inspiration wishes it. In my system of spirituality,
then, that makes diversity "sacred." I have learned to
think of myself as a disciple of diversity.

Finally, what does it mean to me that I've been the
one seeing, thinking about and having feelings about
all the things chronicled in those ten years of
Newsletters? More than anything it's this:

That, exactly in proportion to how much I've
experienced and learned, I feel that much dumber and
inadequate. All around me, all the time, the ever-more
mysterious and majestic Universe increasingly leaves
me stunned, feeling immature and unsophisticated.

If I manage to live a few more years of this
Newsletter life, I can hardly imagine how utterly
ignorant I'll become, and how useless and embarrassing
normal humanity will come to regard me as being.

    Online Spiritual Interactivity in 2011

Scott Kiloby has just announced the latest Series II Living Realization meetings.   

What's great about these meetings is that people can participate and gain support, gather together in a community of like-minded people, and meet one-on-one or in group sessions with Scott  — all via the Living Realization web site! These live online meetings are based on the Living Realization e-book and are taking place with easy-to-use webcam technology (powered by WebEx). More folks are connected to the internet now than ever, so it’s time to introduce and connect you to the (online) meeting.
Scott is constantly developing this unique format, while attempting to provide more direct benefit to people. This rather effective format includes three different meeting groups: the Awareness Group, the Inseparability Group, and the Middle Way Group. These groups are designed to help Scott meet people where they are.
You don’t need any special technological skills to participate in the Living Realization meetings online. Simply navigate to the Meeting Group that interests you or best represents where you are in your spiritual path, and then click on the link - you will be taken to a landing page where you can sign up for the meeting(s).

Visit the online meeting schedule here:
A message from Scott Kiloby (author/creator of LR):   “Many teachings invite people to turn away from the content of their lives. Living Realization invites us to go through the specific content of our lives, using it as the doorway to liberation.  After all, we only recognize truth by seeing what is false.  We only recognize freedom from suffering through personal suffering.  This new approach is much more personal and allows for specific inquiry and dialoguing.  

We know you will find the online sessions beneficial!

Series II online meeting schedule:  

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