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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#4288 - Thursday, June 23, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -




The pine tree’s voice is always whispering,

Yet how many pause to listen?

For when the churning mind is still,

The Diamond Heart within

Reflects even the falling dusk that

Shrouds every eye and branch,

And hears, but listens not.

Walking, then, with Courage and Kindness,

Never ceasing to walk in Wonder,

We follow our ancient path.

For the Way of the sword is folded two;

Like the rose we have thorns,

And like the rose, we unfold.

Ji Aoi Isshi



What any desire really aims at, is a state of non-desire. This non-desire is a
state in which we demand absolutely nothing. Thus it is a state of extreme
abundance, fullness.
~ Jean Klein

posted by Tony Cartledge to Nonduality Highlights group on Facebook


Out Of Hiding


Someone said my name in the garden,

while I grew smaller
in the spreading shadow of the peonies,

grew larger by my absence to another,
grew older among the ants, ancient

under the opening heads of the flowers,
new to myself, and stranger.

When I heard my name again, it sounded far,
like the name of the child next door,
or a favorite cousin visiting for the summer,

while the quiet seemed my true name,
a near and inaudible singing
born of hidden ground.

Quiet to quiet, I called back.
And the birds declared my whereabouts all morning.

Li-Young Lee


posted by Alan Larus to Nonduality Highlights group on Facebook



The Greatest Grandeur


Some say it’s in the reptilian dance 
of the purple-tongued sand goanna, 
for there the magnificent translation 
of tenacity into bone and grace occurs.


And some declare it to be an expansive 
desert—solid rust-orange rock 
like dusk captured on earth in stone— 
simply for the perfect contrast it provides 
to the blue-grey ridge of rain 
in the distant hills.


Some claim the harmonics of shifting 
electron rings to be most rare and some 
the complex motion of seven sandpipers 
bisecting the arcs and pitches 
of come and retreat over the mounting 


Others, for grandeur, choose the terror 
of lightning peals on prairies or the tall 
collapsing cathedrals of stormy seas, 
because there they feel dwarfed 
and appropriately helpless; others select 
the serenity of that ceiling/cellar 
of stars they see at night on placid lakes, 
because there they feel assured 
and universally magnanimous.


But it is the dark emptiness contained 
in every next moment that seems to me 
the most singularly glorious gift, 
that void which one is free to fill 
with processions of men bearing burning 
cedar knots or with parades of blue horses, 
belled and ribboned and stepping sideways, 
with tumbling white-faced mimes or companies 
of black-robed choristers; to fill simply 
with hammered silver teapots or kiln-dried 
crockery, tangerine and almond custards, 
polonaises, polkas, whittling sticks, wailing 
walls; that space large enough to hold all 
invented blasphemies and pieties, 10,000 
definitions of god and more, never fully 
filled, never.


~ Pattiann Rogers ~



(Firekeeper: New and Selected Poems)

Web version:





Rupert Spira


Rupert was recently interviewed by Richard Miller on Never Not Here. Richard
commented afterwards: "One of the most satisfying talks I can remember. I
feel Rupert mislead no one. He was clearly sharing and also modeling the
calm centeredness and connection that is the essence of his message."


If you would like to watch the interview follow this link:


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