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#4296 - Friday, July 1, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz
The Nonduality Highlights -  






Next week I'll feature several more responses to S.L.'s question as featured in previous Highlights issues this week. 

Also I want to announce that an index to Jed McKenna's book Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damnedest Thing, is available as a .pdf file for sale. I believe you will find this detailed index enhances your understanding and enjoyment of the book. You may read a lengthy excerpt of the index and order it here  

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Colin Drake's strikingly playful poetry is featured today, exclusive to the Highlights. Colin's books are now available in hard copy through Details below. 





Awareness is Nothing Special 


Awareness nothing special is, 

Nondual there is only This. 

Which effortlessly facilitates 

Experience of ephemeral states.  


Every object comes and goes, 

Resting in its sweet repose. 

So more extra-ordinary are they, 

Than This, present come what may … 



Underlying the universe, 

And manifestation so diverse, 

In which things arise and reside, 

Back into which all subside. 



Abiding in its natural state, 

Our consciousness so innate. 

This which informs the mind 

Of that which in the world we ‘find’. 



Alas the usual ego-state, 

Tends Awareness to under-rate. 

Searching for something more exotic, 

Than this which we need not ‘pick’. 



Far and wide does the mind roam, 

Deluded, missing its true home. 

Seeking that which is already here 

Overlooked, being nearer than near. 



Just like a confused cattle drover, 

Not realizing the search is over, 

Whose herd he has already found, 

Out seeking their tracks upon the ground!










I am This. 

You are This. 

We are This. 



All is This. 

Just This is. 

Only This. 




No fuss, 

Or us. 



Not two, 

Nor you, 

Or Who? 



Just One, 

It’s Done. 

Must run …  



Have Fun! 


~ ~ ~ 


Colin Drake's e-books are available at 


Colin's books are now also available in hard copy as paperbacks through via the following links, which you will have to copy and paste as they are not "hot"::


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