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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#4300 - Tuesday, July 5, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz 

The Nonduality Highlights -


camping out on garret mt.
eating hot-dogs and beans
drinking cheap beer
<old german> cops use to chase us
never caught us
we use to see their badges
shining in the moon-light


-Tony F.






Mike Jenkins is a very good writer on nonduality. The following is from his blog at


Come in, the water’s lovely!


by admin on July 5, 2011


The metaphor of the ocean and the wave is often used in non-dual pointing and with good reason. It’s a very powerful metaphor. It stands to illuminate the futility of seeking and the delightful surprise that you already are what you seek.


As separate individuals, we are much like waves upon the ocean. But we are waves that have forgotten that we are ocean. In this forgetting, we long for the ocean, to have the ocean, to be the ocean.


The waves can also stand to represent experience. Feelings of sadness, craving, irritation, longing, frustration, anger, despair, hopelessness. The wave can represent other people, our jobs and careers, our past, the imagined future, all stories. In essence, the wave represents all appearances here, including you. You and the story of you is simply another appearance here, another wave upon the ocean.


For many of us, living life as if we are separate from that which we long for can be painful. The wave desperately longs to have or be the ocean and because it is convinced it has to find it somewhere, because it looks everywhere for the ocean, it never finds the ocean. It never finds the essence of itself, because it’s essence is not lost. It never finds the ocean outside of itself, because it is already the ocean.


So, is there anything the separate wave can do to realise it is already the ocean? This is a tricky question because one cannot pick out the ocean as anything distinct. The ocean is all there is. You could call the ocean ‘being’ and being is all there is. Everything you see, hear, feel, taste, smell, touch and think is being, is the ocean. So, a part (you) cannot really look a the whole. Whenever a part of the whole looks at the whole, there is always separation. There is subject looking at object. There is only subject, arising as all objects, including the object ‘you’, ‘mind’ and your story.


The separate wave looks out at the vast ocean and imagines the ocean is something different than itself. As separate individuals, we read about freedom, wholeness, being, non duality, oneness and we imagine it to be some ‘thing’ other than what we are.


If you do look however, you will see that this solid, separate entity you take to be yourself, your sense of ‘I’ is not solid at all. It comes and goes throughout the day. And in deep sleep it vanishes all together. So, this separate you is not a fixed constant. It too is constantly happening, constantly rising and falling away in the space of here and now. You are the space of here and now (the ocean, being, oneness, wholeness) but that space cannot look at itself.


You can however look at the structure and edifice of separation and that can sometimes bring about the realisation, the seeing that the wave is and always was 100% water, 100% ocean. It may then be seen that you cannot not be what you long for, that this is never not this, being is never not happening.





we would go to canizzaros
3am by the garage door
and benny would give us
warm cream and jelly doughnuts


such memories I am


-Tony F.


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