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#4320 - Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -






Ever wonder how nonduality might appear in fiction? Suzanne Foxton will take
you on the roller coaster ride of addiction and recovery, break your heart, and make
it whole again. The novel begins with a man on a ledge feeling his way in the dark
and keeps you on edge all the way to the luminous end. 



The Ultimate Twist is about three interwoven lives: Lucy, the young alcoholic
mother; her supportive, but clueless husband Alistair; and the kindly therapist,
Jason. Lucy bares her soul, revealing the self-loathing behind her addictions, the
secrets that come up in therapy, and the unexpected twist that sets her free. Facing
her  demons leads to provocative insights into our all too human foibles and is
balanced with wry humor. Jason is a therapist custom made to fall in love with,
he's unconditional love dressed up as a sexy sage. Alistair is preoccupied with
holding his family together, still he sincerely wants to understand Lucy's
bewildering  transformation. 


Suzanne makes a sophisticated understanding of nonduality accessible. Give this 
book to your friend who is not interested in nonduality. First, they may see 
themselves in the husband who perplexedly tries to read the guru's book and just 
doesn't get it. There's enough gripping drama and realistic dialogue to keep them 
reading, even if they don't quite get the concepts, either. What shines throughout 
this book is the writer's subtle awareness that permeates every moment of life, 
described so beautifully that it becomes real to the reader as well. So subtle even
the wow of awakening is understated, and life just goes on like it always has. 



That is the real gift of this story, the seeing of ordinary life as being enough, more
than just enough, how the appearance of anything at all is miraculous. It's a rare
nondualist who can show you how to embrace the mundane and even the crazy
stuff the ego comes up with to make us feel we are not good enough and need to
change something. Because when everything changes for her, it's seen that nothing
needs to change. And nothing can threaten this awareness, truly.




Suzanne Foxton is a wife, mother, writer and artist who lives in Kew in the United
. Her book may be found on Amazon or ordered from Non-duality Press,

where you may also read a sample.



Suzanne has a blogsite which is called Nothing Exists, Despite Appearances.


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