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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#4321 - Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -




There are a lot of new interviews at Chris Hebard's Stillness Speaks. They send out great newsletters, I just wish they copied well into the simple html of the Highlights. Better yet, sign up for their newsletter and you will get a free DVD of your choice (you pay postage):




Nonduality Street interview with Michele Doucette

Michele Doucette holds a Master's Degree in Literacy Education from Mount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, NS). A native of Truro, Nova Scotia, she has been living on the west coast of Newfoundland since 1985 where she is employed as a Special Education teacher. In addition, she is a webmaster, author, and amateur genealogist.

I interviewed Michele about her spiritual message, the art of writing, spiritual practices, and as well she read passages from her books. You should be able to hear the interview by left clicking the link below. Or you should be able to download it by right clicking and saving:

Alternatively, you may access the link to the interview at


Michele Doucette's books may be viewed and ordered here:



Alice Chestnut sends this link to great short film I enjoyed:

Prize Winning 3 Minute Film

This summer, Philips and the renowned director/producer Ridley Scott launched a global filmmaker competition dubbed "Tell It Your Way".

The entrants were given freedom of expression with two strict rules-there had to be only a six lines of dialogue and the film could only run three minutes or less.

Here's the grand prize-winning entry.

Please take a moment and watch it.


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