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#4328 - Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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Nonduality Street Interview with Sonya Amrita Bibilos

Sonya Amrita Bibilos was Adyashanti’s former longtime program director. We talk about her experience with Adyashanti and compare it to corporate experience.. Mainly we talk about the nature and experience of healing and even random acts of healing. As with most of these interviews, we wander into all kinds of areas of discussion. We also talk about Sonya's upcoming book is I AM NOT A MONK: Living, Working, and Making Money While Waking Up.

Sonya is an intuitive healer who offers sessions for awakening/evolving individuals, partners and teams that illuminate wisdom to liberate and transform all areas of life. Sonya’s unique and powerful perspective combines her intuitive gifts and life experience and enables her clients to resolve core issues and access clarity of purpose and vision—often in a single session..

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