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#4330 - Friday, August 5, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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Jeff Foster has an upcoming 5-day retreat in Petaluma, California (31 Oct - 5 Nov) called "FREEDOM IN EVERY EXPERIENCE"? More info at


Jeff spoke to me for 90 minutes in a Nonduality Street interview today.. It will be published next Wednesday. I'm grateful to Jeff and all the people who allow me to interview them.








by Colin Drake



The easiest way to become wide awake,


Is to totally relax, for heaven’s sake!


Into pure Awareness, your innermost essence,


Beneath body and mind with all its nonsense.




This simple mischievous thought,


Is liable to make the mind distraught.


Wondering how to achieve, or find, this state


And acquire the relaxation which I relate.




Don’t worry, just apply this elegant test:


Am I aware of the thoughts with which I am blessed?


Or the sensations which in my body appear?


If ‘yes’ then Awareness is already here!




These thoughts and sensations are objects that come and go,


In Awareness, the subject, by which the mind can know.


So body and mind exist only at the surface level,


At the deepest, Awareness, which they cannot bedevil.




In this there can be no fear,


For Awareness is ever here.


This need not be achieved, found, or got,


For absent, lost, or missing It is not.




This is ever silent and still


Witnessing ‘things’ that seem to fill …


As This, we are always totally at peace,


Identification with body/mind completely cease.




So relax into That which we truly are,


Eternally carefree, never below par.


The cosmic audience of One,


Viewing its manifestation just for fun!


~ ~ ~



One of Colin's readers recently wrote to him:


Dear Colin,


Thanks so very much for your writings


Of late l have been bombarded with experiences that keep drawing me out of awareness. Your email and its links have bought me back to awareness and restoration of hope and stillness. That is priceless!!!! I was at my wits end and desperate yet as always l had forgottern and awareness was and always is still and there. My life was saved because your musings reminded me that awareness is always there. Thankyou


Yours in Truth


Pru Pearson


~ ~ ~


I'm pleased to publish Colin Drake's e-books and hard copy books. He's a great guy to work with and totally dedicated to the teaching of awareness.. And he is very responsive to comments and questions from his readers. Order one or more of Colin's books at

-Jerry Katz


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