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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #4332, Sunday August 7, 2011

While many seekers have heard of the notion of being willing to have their individuality die and are actually ready to do so, most have no idea how. This is not for any lack of intelligence. It is because there is actually nothing one can do to die to the 'small self'! What is needed is an understanding of reality from the most all-inclusive viewpoint. Then, one's apparent individuality becomes enveloped by universality in the same way a seemingly isolated wave merges back into the ocean.

- James Braha

Unmitigated Surrender

The "I" who hoped
When it heard about enlightenment
Had no idea.
Wanting to hold the ocean
In a cup
It thought it would possess This
As a personal asset
Earned through right thinking.

Instead it is blissfully unemployed
Tongue tied and inconsequential
In a world it never dreamed of.

What is Here wants expressing
And cannot be expressed.
So one writes,
Hopelessly lost
And staggered
At 3 AM
Amongst the radiance of simple things
And the incredible full/empty grandeur
Of being Here
In This, as This.

- Alice Gardner

This is simply what is, as it is. There is no "you" to attain or "get" this. There is only this. The "you" who seems to be separate is imaginary. What solution is needed to an imaginary problem?

- Joan Tollifson

The silence remains untouched, unstained, immaculate. Thoughts are only a problem if you are preoccupied with them, giving them your attention, believing in the entity of 'ME' around which the thoughts swirl.

- Catherine Ingram

You know, this friend called mind,
it's in a role.
It was given to us
to create identification out of nothing.
It's such an ancient divine servant.
The Self took the form of thought
to help itself play the game.
So could you bow down to thought
as an ancient retainer?
It's the Self in disguise.

- Pamela Wilson

Every thought, every feeling, is a visitor. You just say: Welcome. Come in and sit with me.

- Pamela Wilson

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