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#4341 - Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights

Listen to the following verses being chanted here:

The verses are from

gwvY ko vyKY hwdrw hdUir ]
Some sing that He watches over us, face to face, ever-present.
gaavai ko vaykhai haadraa hadoor.

kQnw kQI n AwvY qoit ]
There is no shortage of those who preach and teach.
kathnaa kathee na aavai tot.

kiQ kiQ kQI kotI koit koit ]
Millions upon millions offer millions of sermons and stories.
kath kath kathee kotee kot kot.

dydw dy lYdy Qik pwih ]
The Great Giver keeps on giving, while those who receive grow weary of receiving.
daydaa day laiday thak paahi.

jugw jugMqir KwhI Kwih ]
Throughout the ages, consumers consume.
jugaa jugantar khaahee khaahi.

hukmI hukmu clwey rwhu ]
The Commander, by His Command, leads us to walk on the Path.
hukmee hukam chalaa-ay raahu.

nwnk ivgsY vyprvwhu ]3]
O Nanak, He blossoms forth, Carefree and Untroubled. ||3||
naanak vigsai vayparvaahu. ||3||

swcw swihbu swcu nwie BwiKAw Bwau Apwru ]
True is the Master, True is His Name-speak it with infinite love.
saachaa saahib saach naa-ay bhaakhi-aa bhaa-o apaar.

AwKih mMgih dyih dyih dwiq kry dwqwru ]
People beg and pray, "Give to us, give to us", and the Great Giver gives His Gifts.
aakhahi mangahi dayhi dayhi daat karay daataar.

Pyir ik AgY rKIAY ijqu idsY drbwru ]
So what offering can we place before Him, by which we might see the Darbaar of His Court?
fayr ke agai rakhee-ai jit disai darbaar.

muhO ik bolxu bolIAY ijqu suix Dry ipAwru ]
What words can we speak to evoke His Love?
muhou ke bolan bolee-ai jit sun Dharay pi-aar.

AMimRq vylw scu nwau vifAweI vIcwru ]
In the Amrit Vaylaa, the ambrosial hours before dawn, chant the True Name, and contemplate His Glorious Greatness.
amrit vaylaa sach naa-o vadi-aa-ee veechaar.

krmI AwvY kpVw ndrI moKu duAwru ]
By the karma of past actions, the robe of this physical body is obtained. By His Grace, the Gate of Liberation is found.
karmee aavai kaprhaa nadree mokh du-aar.

nwnk eyvY jwxIAY sBu Awpy sicAwru ]4]
O Nanak, know this well: the True One Himself is All. ||4||
naanak ayvai jaanee-ai sabh aapay sachiaar. ||4||

QwipAw n jwie kIqw n hoie ]
He cannot be established, He cannot be created.
thaapi-aa na jaa-ay keetaa na ho-ay.

Awpy Awip inrMjnu soie ]
He Himself is Immaculate and Pure.
aapay aap niranjan so-ay.

ijin syivAw iqin pwieAw mwnu ]
Those who serve Him are honored.
jin sayvi-aa tin paa-i-aa maan.

nwnk gwvIAY guxI inDwnu ]
O Nanak, sing of the Lord, the Treasure of Excellence.
naanak gaavee-ai gunee niDhaan.

gwvIAY suxIAY min rKIAY Bwau ]
Sing, and listen, and let your mind be filled with love.
gaavee-ai sunee-ai man rakhee-ai bhaa-o.

duKu prhir suKu Gir lY jwie ]
Your pain shall be sent far away, and peace shall come to your home.
dukh parhar sukh ghar lai jaa-ay.

gurmuiK nwdM gurmuiK vydM gurmuiK rihAw smweI ]
The Guru`s Word is the Sound-current of the Naad; the Guru`s Word is the Wisdom of the Vedas; the Guru`s Word is all-pervading.
gurmukh naadaN gurmukh vaydaN gurmukh rahi-aa samaa-ee.

guru eIsru guru gorKu brmw guru pwrbqI mweI ]
The Guru is Shiva, the Guru is Vishnu and Brahma; the Guru is Paarvati and Lakhshmi.
gur eesar gur gorakh barmaa gur paarbatee maa-ee.

jy hau jwxw AwKw nwhI khxw kQnu n jweI ]
Even knowing God, I cannot describe Him; He cannot be described in words.
jay ha-o jaanaa aakhaa naahee kahnaa kathan na jaa-ee.

gurw iek dyih buJweI ]
The Guru has given me this one understanding:
guraa ik dayhi bujhaa-ee.

sBnw jIAw kw ieku dwqw so mY ivsir n jweI ]5]
there is only the One, the Giver of all souls. May I never forget Him! ||5||
sabhnaa jee-aa kaa ik daataa so mai visar na jaa-ee. ||5||

qIriQ nwvw jy iqsu Bwvw ivxu Bwxy ik nwie krI ]
If I am pleasing to Him, then that is my pilgrimage and cleansing bath. Without pleasing Him, what good are ritual cleansings?
tirath naavaa jay tis bhaavaa vin bhaanay ke naa-ay karee.

jyqI isriT aupweI vyKw ivxu krmw ik imlY leI ]
I gaze upon all the created beings: without the karma of good actions, what are they given to receive?
jaytee sirath upaa-ee vaykhaa vin karmaa ke milai la-ee.

miq ivic rqn jvwhr mwixk jy iek gur kI isK suxI ]
Within the mind are gems, jewels and rubies, if you listen to the Guru`s Teachings, even once.
mat vich ratan javaahar maanik jay ik gur kee sikh sunee.

gurw iek dyih buJweI ]
The Guru has given me this one understanding:
guraa ik dayhi bujhaa-ee.

sBnw jIAw kw ieku dwqw so mY ivsir n jweI ]6]
there is only the One, the Giver of all souls. May I never forget Him! ||6||
sabhnaa jee-aa kaa ik daataa so mai visar na jaa-ee. ||6||

jy jug cwry Awrjw hor dsUxI hoie ]
Even if you could live throughout the four ages, or even ten times more,
jay jug chaaray aarjaa hor dasoonee ho-ay.

nvw KMfw ivic jwxIAY nwil clY sBu koie ]
and even if you were known throughout the nine continents and followed by all,
navaa khanda vich jaanee-ai naal chalai sabh ko-ay.

cMgw nwau rKwie kY jsu kIriq jig lyie ]
with a good name and reputation, with praise and fame throughout the world-
changa naa-o rakhaa-ay kai jas keerat jag lay-ay.

jy iqsu ndir n AwveI q vwq n puCY ky ]
still, if the Lord does not bless you with His Glance of Grace, then who cares? What is the use?
jay tis nadar na aavee ta vaat na puchhai kay.

kItw AMdir kItu kir dosI dosu Dry ]
Among worms, you would be considered a lowly worm, and even contemptible sinners would hold you in contempt.
keetaa andar keet kar dosee dos Dharay.

nwnk inrguix guxu kry guxvMiqAw guxu dy ]
O Nanak, God blesses the unworthy with virtue, and bestows virtue on the virtuous.
naanak nirgun gun karay gunvanti-aa gun day.

qyhw koie n suJeI ij iqsu guxu koie kry ]7]
No one can even imagine anyone who can bestow virtue upon Him. ||7||
tayhaa ko-ay na sujh-ee je tis gun ko-ay karay. ||7||

suixAY isD pIr suir nwQ ]
Listening-the Siddhas, the spiritual teachers, the heroic warriors, the yogic masters.
suni-ai siDh peer sur naath.

suixAY Driq Dvl Awkws ]
Listening-the earth, its support and the Akaashic ethers.
suni-ai Dharat Dhaval aakaas.

suixAY dIp loA pwqwl ]
Listening-the oceans, the lands of the world and the nether regions of the underworld.
suni-ai deep lo-a paataal.

suixAY poih n skY kwlu ]
Listening-Death cannot even touch you.
suni-ai pohi na sakai kaal.

nwnk Bgqw sdw ivgwsu ]
O Nanak, the devotees are forever in bliss.
naanak bhagtaa sadaa vigaas.

suixAY dUK pwp kw nwsu ]8]
Listening-pain and sin are erased. ||8||
suni-ai dookh paap kaa naas. ||8||

suixAY eIsru brmw ieMdu ]
Listening-Shiva, Brahma and Indra.
suni-ai eesar barmaa ind.

suixAY muiK swlwhx mMdu ]
Listening-even foul-mouthed people praise Him.
suni-ai mukh saalaahan mand.

suixAY jog jugiq qin Byd ]
Listening-the technology of Yoga and the secrets of the body.
suni-ai jog jugat tan bhayd.

suixAY swsq isimRiq vyd ]
Listening-the Shaastras, the Simritees and the Vedas.
suni-ai saasat simrit vayd.

nwnk Bgqw sdw ivgwsu ]
O Nanak, the devotees are forever in bliss.
naanak bhagtaa sadaa vigaas.

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Thanks to Chani for submitting the above:

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