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#4349 - Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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Now Consciousness: Exploring the World Beyond Thought 

by Albert Blackburn 



To me, the valuable characteristic of Now Consciousness is the universal availability for anyone. It can be experienced by rich or poor, in a palace or a hovel, by an intellectual or a simple person. It is the common heritage of everyone. Because of its simplicity, it is easily overlooked by the erudite.
It is the only approach to the experiencing of reality that is non-dualistic. Therefore the transformative results are not ego induced. What is discovered is true and uniquely understood by each in his own way. This truth becomes an intrinsic part of one’s nature and leads to right behavioral patterns. In this behavioral change, which so subtly comes about, one finds his or her place in the over-all fabric of life. It is a true uniqueness in which there is no competition or exploitation of another.
I have found that it is all too easy to reach conclusions about anything. Any conclusion or definite answer is a blockage to the ceaseless flow of life which gathers around itself other mental debris. This effectively brings to an end further insights into that particular subject. Therefore what I happen to be now observing is only my individual point of view. My findings may be of interest to others who are also seeking the true meaning of life.  

~ ~ ~ 

Selected sayings: 

The right question contains its own answer. 

By discovering what is not true, there is the possibility that truth can flower in the space of not-knowing. 

If we can see in any given moment what the facts are, there is no problem. 

Truth finds no abiding place in the house of authority. 

To believe anything is always to step away from truth. 

Now-Consciousness is the perception of reality moment by moment. 

~ ~ ~

 Albert Blackburn wrote from the 40s through the 80s. He died in 1987. He was a very modern teacher. In fact, he didn't consider himself a teacher and did not give talks. Rather he held discussions or dialogues and was invited around the world to do so, and always invited back. His teacher was J. Krishnamurti, but Blackburn stood alone and encouraged others to understand not him, but themselves.

 To my knowledge, Blackburn's work has not been widely disseminated in the current Internet era. However, his books are still in print and his wife Gabriele runs the publishing company, Idylwild Books: 

Although you may find Blackburn's books on Amazon and other online bookstores, they are used copies and overpriced (although worth every penny!). To pay the regular retail price, visit 

I also recommend The Light of Krishnamurti, by Gabriele Blackburn, for the fascinating story of her life, including her time with Albert. It includes numerous photos of her, Al, and Krishnamurti, whom they called Krishnaji. 

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