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#4355 - Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -    

    Here are some upcoming activities. Some are practical for you to attend, others aren't, however they all inform you of what's going on, of what you could join in the future, and of what you yourself could start or encourage locally.    


Scott Kiloby's

Living Realization Meetings

Online Workshops

Series III starting: September 10, 2011


We are excited to announce the latest series of Living Realization meetings! These interactive

online meetings are based on the revised Living Realization e-Book from author/international

speaker Scott Kiloby. Please join us as we invite you to experience this new approach and really

dig in and see for yourself the value of this approach. The meetings are comprised of three

different groups including: the Awareness Group, the Inseparability Group, and the Middle

Way Group. These groups are designed to help Scott meet people where they are while

attempting to provide more direct benefit to all participants.


A message from Scott Kiloby (the creator of LR):


“Many teachings invite people to turn away from the content of their lives. My new approach

invites us to go through the specific content of our lives, using it as the doorway to freedom.

This new approach is more personal and allows for very specific inquiry and dialoguing.”

“I am moving away from the common Satsang format where the teacher speaks to a group and

everyone just listens. The new meetings will involve that format to some degree, however I am

continually working to develop more innovative, ‘hands-on’ ways of meeting people where they

are and having them participate more directly. For example, this method includes specific

dialoguing between myself and those at the meeting, and branching off into private, one-on-one

sessions in between meetings for a much deeper, more directed inquiry.”


In addition to Private Sessions, The Kiloby Group® conducts Living Realization meetings

throughout the year in an intimate setting. The workshops are held online [using the latest

video conferencing technology], and capped at 25 people to ensure ample individual

participation. Many participants have experienced breakthroughs during our previous online

group discussions and inquiries.




The Center For Nondual Awareness

 Nondual Training Retreat

This retreat offers the opportunity to spend three days immersed in nondual awareness, while we explore how we can improve our capacity to share this space with others. Every participant will have the opportunity (though not a requirement) to lead a session at the retreat, to share their insights and skills and/or engage the group in training exercises. This way we can all benefit from the rich diversity of our community and receive quality feedback/feedforward from our peers. This retreat is a powerful opportunity for us to grow as nondual teachers and therapists while sharing a space in which nothing at all needs to happen.

On the evening of Thursday, January 26, we will arrive at the serene and beautiful Anubhuti Retreat Center ( in Novato, just north of San Francisco. We will then spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning learning from each other and sharing nondual awareness. The retreat will end on after lunch on Sunday, January 29.   For more information visit    


Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 7PM

Art, Music, and the Now: Five Presentations

This will be an evening of presentations with Q&A and discussion. Dustin will be the emcee.

This will be a light potluck. Please bring a drink (juice, water, wine) or a snack to share.

The suggested donation is $5/person which will go toward the space rental of $70.

Thank you and we hope to see everyone!

For details visit


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There are hundreds of nonduality-themed meetup groups with thousands of members around the world. Start your own nonduality meetup where you live.

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