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#4357 - Friday, September 2, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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The Urban Guru Magazine is the next step in modern presentation of Nonduality started with the Urban Guru Cafe.  Brought to you by the same folks who brought the Urban Guru Cafe, the UGM will be a more flexible format to present the message of nonduality.

The Urban Guru Cafe featured audio interviews with some of the clearest speakers on nonduality today – presented with music and featuring a lively comment board.  The Urban Guru Magazine continues this effort with articles, recurring features, audio and/or video presentations.  The podcast episodes of the Urban Guru Cafe are also available via the magazine.

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from Urban Guru Magazine:

You ARE reality

Posted by on Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Gilbert,

May I ask you a question about non-duality and life?

With our mind/thought we cannot understand life and we don’t have another instrument.

But there are expressions of life here on earth. They didn’t happen by ‘accident’. There is an intelligence behind it, life itself. If we are that life, that intelligence, we would know how these expressions (including ourselves) came about and how we could do it ourselves.(again).

So how do you explain that we don’t have the instrument to understand and create life (expressions) if we are that life/intelligence ourselves?

Kind regards, T.


Gilbert: There is no HOW to any of it.

It is ALL Spontaneous.

You ARE reality.  The mind is time.

Stop trying to understand or trying to conceptualise it.

Relax – pure being is already here.


T replies: Yes, there is a HOW to all the manipulations of energy in this reality. It is a fact. There is a cause to all this. A mistake or a ‘thought form’ that ‘separated’ itself from the life force. It is as if the life essence is captured in this reality. We are the result of that.

I wondered what your thoughts were on this, but it seems you have none or don’t care.

But can you escape all this? You have to accept the reality as it is imposed on us. You are doing the same and decide if you participate in that game (by using thought).

It seems that plays an important part when ’letting it all go’.

If we are life, we would know exactly what it was and how the expressions are formed. Probably not by using thought, but we would ‘know’. But we don’t. It is as if we are a weak version of life just like the animals and the matter around us.

What about all the manipulations of energy in this reality. It is a fact. There is a cause to all this. A mistake in nature or a ‘thought form’ that ‘separated’ itself from the life force. It is as if the life essence is captured in this reality. We are the result of that.   Thank you – T


Gilbert: The conceptual ‘person’ knows nothing.

The pure activity of knowing is the basis of everything.  How that expresses cannot be reduced to a theory or concept.

Reality is not imposed on ‘us’.   As long as you believe such things, the concepts will squeeze the consciousness into a restricted view.

You seem to have strong opinions on these ‘things’ but not one of them can you prove.

No one can define awareness or consciousness.  Try it.   All you will have is words and ideas and all of them could not take place without consciousness/awareness.  Consciousness/awareness is (therefore) PRIOR to whatever appears in or on it.

Do not cling to the words – let them disappear naturally.

WHO has to accept reality as ‘something’ that is imposed on ‘us’?

Some will have difficulty with this ‘pointing’.  Why?   Because of old ideas.

You say that it seems that I don’t care.   Well that is your projection and it is apparently in conflict with YOUR caring.  Caring and not caring are two sides of the same coin.

It is all in your mind.   Don’t assume that you know my mind or anyone else’s mind.  You don’t even know what your next thought is going to be – let alone my next thought.

Now if there is a tinge of displeasure with what you read here, why not have a close look at who it is that is disturbed by mere words or concepts?

You may be surprised at what you see.

There is nothing in this for ME – neither your ‘me’ or my ‘me’..

Awareness is unlimited by the patterns that appear in it.


T replies: Dear Gilbert,

Thank you for your response.

You are right I don’t know what is in your mind. My apologies. Nor can I know what life, so-called consciousness is. I only ‘see’ what is happening in this reality. I ‘see’ what thought is and what it is doing. I agree with U.G. Krishnamurti on this, although I go a little bit further. Thought is a kind of virus in our brain or a power that has taken over the mind manipulating the life energy, animals and human beings. Causing all the pain and misery in our reality while looking for pleasure. Thought is really the enemy.

If the reality is imposed on us is indeed subject to discussion. On the one hand it is, as I reject thought as it is, on the other hand I am here and everything what is happening is part of life. Life accepted it, so I ‘should’ do the same.

Therefore I have to accept the reality, knowing also that I cannot change is, because thought is not the instrument to do so. There are only images and false ideas/concepts. There is only a moral illusion that would only cause enslavement and solve nothing.

Now I can leave it alone, because I know that it cannot be changed by me or other human beings.

I agree with most of your material on non-duality, but what really is missing and is the problem is thought. Keep finding new ways to describe the ‘point’ of non-duality and ‘I am that’ keeps only thought going. This e-mail to you is doing the same thing.

Words are dead, thought is dead. To realize that is really the point.

Kind regards, T.


Gilbert: Yes thoughts have no life of their own.  Even though U.G. was very clear at times, I must, quite naturally, disagree with UG on one point.. To suggest that the mind or thought is an enemy is nothing but trouble.

What is the reference point that calls the mind or thought an enemy – isn’t just another thought?  Is it a fixation?  Is it freedom?

The mind simply needs to be understood.   It is all we have to use, in order to understand the mind.  We use the mind to understand the mind.

Thought itself is not the problem – belief in thought as being reality is the problem and that requires an apparent entity to believe.

Once you investigate these, there is a potential insight.  The insight cannot be contrived by the mind – or some entity.

The insight may appear as a moment of grace – but that is simply another concept.


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