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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #4365, Saturday, September 10, 2011

There is no best path or worst path. There is just the path to which each individual organism gets directed.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar, from A Net of Jewels, posted to AlongTheWay

The ultimate way is without difficulty; those who seek it make their own hardship. The true mind is originally pure; those who exercise it make their own defilement.

Hui-k'ung, posted to Distillation

Apperception of the highest Truth is not, and cannot be, a matter of gradual practice. Apperception, in fact, occurs prior to consciousness, which is the basis of intellect. It can only happen by itself, spontaneously and instantaneously. It is not in time, and there are no stages in which deliberate progress is made. Furthermore, there is NO ONE to make any progress.

- Ramesh Balsekar, posted to ANetofJewels

Unless you make tremendous efforts, you will not be convinced that effort will take you nowhere. The self is so self-confident that unless it is totally discouraged it will not give up. Mere verbal conviction is not enough. Hard facts alone can show the absolute nothingness of the self-image.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to ANetofJewels

Be open, sensitive, be fully aware of what is from moment to moment. Don't build around yourself a wall of impregnable thought. The bliss of truth comes when the mind is not occupied with its own activities and struggles.

- Krishnamurti, posted to The_Now2

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