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#4369 - Tuesday, September 13, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz
The Nonduality Highlights -





Gabriel Rosenstock

Osho's epitaph, 'Never born - never died ...' is a nice summary of Advaita.
But summaries tend to be somewhat abstractionist.
There's a danger here, a  feeling of disembodiment.
Osho, you, I and those who read these words - we all had parents, no?
This leads me to a poem:

To My Parents

When you coupled
as One
you conjured me-
the One -
out of the Universe
where I've always been
into this world
of night and day:
Mother, how can I not hold on to your breast
and its taste of the Milky Way?  





Meet Jan Hodgman

Next free group telecall of Luminous Awareness

Thursday, Sept. 15, 11am to noon, Pacific time  

E-mail [email protected] for details, including call in number and pin

These calls are open to whomever would like to join a group by phone to rest in effortless being. It's always surprising how powerful the sense of sangha can be over phone lines. I think it's partly because we are all resting in our own familiar environments and yet meeting in this space of no-space to support each other.

“Jan is an outstanding spiritual teacher and guide. She combines decades of immersion in Zen, therapeutic focusing and nondual modalities. Her enthusiasm and commitment to her students’ self understanding and awakening radiates through all her work. She is like a unstoppable river who continually opens up new vistas and possibilities for everyone who had the fortune to work with her. I heartily recommend her as a nondual coach, Zen teacher and workshop facilitator.” 


-Peter Fenner, Ph. D. author of Radiant Mind and developer of Radiant Mind and Nondual Teacher Training programs                    


“Jan leads the group with gentle humor in dialogue and silence calling participants to this place of clarity and nondual awareness. She refrains from providing 'techniques,' 'methods,' or 'procedures,' knowing that we don't really need such intermediary steps in order to realize the perfection of here and now. Rather she calls us home to the truth and completion of this very moment in all its perfection and grace, just this.”  


-Luminous Awareness workshop participant




Robert V. Burke



There is nowhere to go and nothing to achieve spiritually.
All techniques lead to a false self and reinforcement of the image on the screen of consciousness
of the doer.  Yet this also needs to arise.




True, true...


And yet this going nowhere and this achieving nothing is still another subtle deceit of the ego. 
Is there anyone not going and not doing?  If there is, that is still the ego.  Right?


Same thing if there is a "no-one" not going and not doing!
We are making something out of nothing, some-thing out of no-thing.


This no-thing to achieve, is that a goal too?
If so, that too is another deceit of the ego.


Ego is subtly there whether doing or not doing.


It appears to this indescribable Me onto this 'image on the screen of consciousness.'
That is:  "I" see it.


Though consciousness exists, "I" am beyond being and non being.


That is, consciousness is all there is, there is no 'individual.'  Absolute is beyond.


It does not exist unless there is a me for It to appear to.  Because I am, It is.


Why does anything "need" to arise?  There is no need.  It just arises.


I was once given a string of apparently meaningless words.  Jibberish.  Non sense.


And the teacher asked me if I could make any sense out of these words using them in the same order they appeared.


Punctuation was required.


This was a sophomore high school assignment.


Now, nearly 50 years later, I appear, to understand this puzzle completely.


Unbeknownst to me, the teacher was a real Teacher.


The words precisely as he laid them out are:


that that is is that that is not is not is not that it it is


I will save you some time, because so did the teacher.


That, that is, is.  That, that is not, is not. Is not that it?  It is!  (Read these four sentences slowly, out loud)


The meaning of the four sentences in the line directly above have meaning. 


The string of unpunctuated words in the line above the meaningful punctuated words, have no meaning.


The meaningful words are mahavakya (understanding:  a pithy kernel of truth, seed of ephiphany, kensho leading to satori, enlightenment).  Maha=great, Vac=speach, thus a great saying.  The meaningless string of words are Avidya. A=not, vidya=wisdom; ignorance.


What 'i' have learned from all this is that when most people attempt to read Nisargadatta Maharaj or most masters, they are reading from within the state of 'avidya.'  In avidya, one's perception is in ignorance, like the unpunctuated string of words.


The real seekers see, feel the  wisdom and great sayings in Nisargadatta's words.  Like the words in the punctuated example.


The transcendent appears to those who can punctuate meaning, are open enough and earnest, thus perceiving the wisdom in jibberish.


In the light of wisdom words by themselves appear as jibberish; however, if the writer has wisdom, and the inner wisdom of the reader is open, Truth prevails.


Truth always prevails!


But upon presenting wisdom, nothing happens if the student is not ready:  if the student is not 'earnest' the wisdom will have no meaning for him; cannot be perceived, will not be received.




Reality is misperceived because one has the misunderstanding that he 'is' a body, he 'is' a mind.


What you are is much greater!


Feeling and knowing what one is, is the greatest understanding.  This understanding liberates one completely.  You are light and lightness itself. Your inner being is weightless and airy.  Nothing weighs you down.


Completely free.  Freedom Itself!


Nothing can touch you!  Yet you touch everything.  Thus you are spontaneously and simultaneously nothing and everything.


Nisargadatta said:  "When I know I am nothing, that is wisdom; when I know I am everything, that is love.  Between the two my life moves."


Letting go of misunderstanding, and understanding there is nothing to let go of, and no one there to let go, is understanding.


Letting go of the body, letting go of the 'mind', what you are appears to you in your real form, your real nature.


Or, as Guruji says:  "Otherwise not!"


That's It.





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