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#4370 - Thursday, September 15, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights - 



"If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor."


Zen Saying




Begin from the platform of honesty. If you cannot be honest and if the path
cannot be honesty, then it cannot lead to Truth. Fabricating and fabricating,
deliberating and deliberating, all of the different kinds of deliberations and
fabrications that we pile up on are only going to make matters much more
complicated than actually leading to the truth of one's own inherent nature. 


~ H.E Khandro Rinpoche


by Belle Heywood on Facebook




Freedom doesn’t make you immune to the human experience; it just means you
are not identified with it anymore. Being unidentified with the human experience
means you can embrace fully all that comes along with being  ‘an earthling’ and
be totally available to life as it is. 


by Christine Wushke on Facebook





The Buddha is not going to project you to buddhahood, as if throwing a stone.
He is not going to purify you, as if washing a dirty cloth, nor is he going to cure
you of ignorance, like a doctor administering medicine to a passive patient.
Having attained full enlightenment himself, he is showing you the path, and it is
up to you to follow it or not...


~ HH Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche




where all becomes clear.
Solid ground beneath your feet.
The only roads are those that offer access.
Bushes bend beneath the weight of proofs.
The Tree of Valid Supposition grows here
with branches disentangled since time immemorial.
The Tree of Understanding, dazzlingly straight and simple,
sprouts by the spring called Now I Get It.
The thicker the woods, the vaster the vista:
the Valley of Obviously.
If any doubts arise, the wind dispels them instantly.
Echoes stir unsummoned
and eagerly explain all the secrets of the worlds.
On the right a cave where Meaning lies.
On the left the
Lake of Deep Conviction.
Truth breaks from the bottom and bobs to the surface.
Unshakable Confidence towers over the valley.
Its peak offers an excellent view of the Essence of Things.
For all its charms, the island is uninhabited,
and the faint footprints scattered on its beaches
turn without exception to the sea.
As if all you can do here is leave
and plunge, never to return, into the depths.
Into unfathomable life.


~ Wislawa Szymborska ~
(A Large Number, trans. by S. Baranczak & C. Cavanagh)



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"The form of the formless, The image of the imageless, It is called indefinable
and beyond imagination. Stand before it and there is no beginning. Follow it and
there is no end. Stay with the ancient Tao, Move with the present. Knowing the
ancient beginning is the essence of Tao. "


"The source of the universe is ultimately unknowable, a great invisible river
flowing forever through a vast and fertile valley. Silent and uncreated, it creates
all things." 


"Those who are highly evolved maintain an undiscriminating perception. Seeing
everything, labeling nothing, they maintain their awareness of the Great Oneness.
Thus they are supported by it."


~ Lao-Tzu

by Roxane Chapdelaine on Facebook



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