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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #4379, Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn't more complicated that that. It is opening to or recieving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it.

- Sylvia Boorstein, posted to DailyDharma

Whatever comes, let it come, what stays let stay, what goes let go, always keep quiet, and always adore Self: This is the essence of living skillfully in the world appearance. During all activities of life always know that you are the Self. The way to live a happy beautiful life is to accept whatever comes and not care about what does not come.

- Papaji, posted to AlongTheWay

Effort is distraction from what is. In the acceptance of what is, striving ceases. There is no acceptance when there is the desire to transform or modify what is. Striving, an indication of destruction, must exist so long as there is a desire to change what is.

Krishnamurti, posted to Distillation

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the world belongs to you.

- Lao Tzu

All things - all beings and all activities, no matter how ordinary - are equal expressions of the Infinite. There is no more or less Infinite, no higher or lower Infinite. Therefore, all attempts to either find or hold onto the Infinite are based in illusion. And illusion itself is none other than the Infinite.

The Infinite uses all measures in order to awaken in all the various forms in existence. It uses birth, life, death, happiness, sorrow, clarity, and delusion in order to awaken. All of your seeking is in reality the activity of the Infinite as well. No matter how far astray or deluded you become, you can never get a single step away from the Infinite's embrace. If you could all at once stop believing your dreaming mind and be completely still right in the midst of your present state, the Infinite would effortlessly present itself.

- Adyashanti

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