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#4385 - Friday, September 30, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz
The Nonduality Highlights -

Dialogue On Non Duality With Mooji

Interview by Paula Marvelly

PM. How does the game change when you know who you are? 

Mooji: When you know who you are, you are no longer full of desires; you begin to see that without personal intention, there is an order, there is a spontaneous and benevolent power behind the unfolding play of the world. There is a recognition of the Supreme power that cares for life.

You would see that whatever you were pushing against flows in an effortless harmony unrecognized by most, who, out of fear and ignorance pull their ‘parachute’ too early. You begin to see these things: 'My God, look at that!' It’s still the same Earth – the sky, the flowers, the trees, the cars, the people – but the perceiver who was reacting from a personal standpoint was more getting in the way of a deeper seeing, which is full of grace, full of beauty, and full of harmony and peace.

The very nature of the person is full of angst, impatience, desire, and personal compulsion to get things to suit their projections, but it just doesn’t work. It never really worked.

PM. You talk about identity and how deep it goes. We wake up in the morning and then there’s that flash of anxiety, and not feeling comfortable with oneself. 

Mooji: Yes. You know, it has to be like this because unless it feels this way, you don’t come out of it. If you were feeling comfortable with your delusion, then you would stand no chance. Life has to hurt until you find a way out of that unnecessary suffering.

This seemingly ongoing presence of the heaviness of being a person can change just like this – a twist of consciousness, real understanding awakens and pure seeing from the position of the undivided Self is established firmly. It is possible that in an instant, perhaps through a blend of grace and urge, which is also grace, a change leading to liberation occur. It really does.

PM. Do you think having a teacher is necessary, having had one yourself [Papaji]? 

Mooji: Yes, having a teacher is vital. It’s only arrogance to feel I don’t need one. Make use of one until you go beyond the need for help. A true teacher doesn’t want anything from you, even your devotion. They are just satisfied that you come with an authentic attitude or approach and are searching only for what is true.

In that way, they have power and are fully available because there is sheer joy in imparting true guidance to an authentic seeker. It is a mistake a lot of people in the West make, because they have so many ill-conceived ideas about teachers and gurus. But it is often arrogance that is posing through such attitudes.

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