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#4408 - Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz


The Nonduality Highlights - 




James Traverse's view of the Science and Nonduality Conference 2011 is featured. His website is


I also want to mention having spent some quality time with Highlights reader Jonah Mark Bekerman at the Conference. I previously referred to him as "Jonathan" and apologize for the error. Jonah is a counselor for a methadone program and dedicated to the teaching of nonduality.




James Traverse writes...


I really - truly - sincerely -  enjoyed and benefited from the SAND
conference - someone said [I don't remember who] "James has found his
tribe!" - it has been some time since I've met so many beautiful people
that I can authentically relate with and the 'high' is still with me - I
feel that Maurizio  and Zaya have been life-long friends even though I
just met them - it is one of those esoteric things that defys
explanations.... I know that I deeply deeply  love them yet I have no
explanation for why - it's like coming home - they'll be in my heart for

The after-effect of SAND and the attendees is simply something that I
absolutely feel in core of my heart - I particularly feel this same
connection with Kenny Johnson [however cliche' it is - I know that he's
my brother in Love] - it's as if I've known him all of my life as we're
a product of the same parent - the human situation... another person who
touched my heart at great depth is Scott Kiloby - I feel that Scott
appears to have a hard exterior and yet is and has a beautiful,
sensitive core that he honours - he's one of the most beautiful people
I've ever met.

The blessing of SAND is that there is an endless number of beautiful
people to meet and experience and each is a fascinating jewel of Indra's
Net - it was a truly and breath-taking privilege to be in the presence
of such beauty, integrity, honesty, humility, dedication, truth, joy and
uninhibited Love; I can't thank you enough for encouraging me to go and
all your support in getting me there - THANK YOU for the BENEDICTION
that you are JERRY - in my case the doors you've opened is grace
personified- I feel that your friendship is Grace itself - in this case
you're the music and I can only applaud!

Yes - you've inspired and encourage me to share the Love - we've got to
get more of our local community involved [and who is not our local
community  as the heart has space for everyone] ... my over the top
enthusiasm for it can be a testament - let's share it for the benefit of


Deepest Gratitude ~ All Love and Endless Peace,

ps - I can't find the Amsterdam info regarding SAND - please send me a
link - if it is at all possible - I'd like to be involved in any way I
can... maybe I can volunteer to make it happen - I am happy to offer a
slide presentation or some yoga - whatever helps!

pps - gotta tell everyone else!

ppps - you can quote any or none of this as you feel is appropriate - I
suggest that you especially quote my deepest thanks and respect for you
- most people have no idea how much you give - it's time to come out
from behind the curtain and take a bow!


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