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#4415 - Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -    

Don’t Overaccessorize—A Fashion Tip For Nondualists  

by Vicki Woodyard

Nondualists tend to overdress. Professing to be nondual, they fall into the fashion no no’s that lesser mortals do. They leave the house dripping in pointers, and I am not talking about their manicured nails.

They tend to wear tiaras and crowns bejeweled in metaphors. This makes them so top heavy they sometimes tumble into ice sculptures at cocktail parties headfirst. Makes me shiver to think about it.

As a nondual fashion guru, let me give you some tips on KISS.

Before you go out for the evening, let’s say to a spiritual soiree or sangha, look in the mirror. Oh,  I know you claim that there is nobody there, but humor me. Do you see that handful of rings you are sporting? Take them off, take them all off. You are married to the One.

Less is more, and your paste jewelry is preventing us from seeing who you are.

Keep taking off concepts until you feel totally denuded. Go naked to the party. So what if you get arrested? There is no body there.

And last but not least. Stop with the tattoos already. Nobody wants to read wrinkled scripture.

Vicki Woodyard

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Swami Abhishiktananda: On Pilgrimage    

A short documentary of the life of Swami Abhishiktananda, the French Benedictine monk, whose religious experience in India led him to become a bridge between Christian and Hindu spirituality, and in particular the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta.   
Rumi: In Your Light I Learn How To Love

The Sufi mystic and poet, Jalalu'ddin Rumi, wrote some of the most beautiful verse ever composed, with its emphasis on love and the soul's yearning to be reunited with the Beloved.    
Bill Viola: The Reflecting Pool  

The work of Bill Viola, contemporary American video artist, presents profound truths about the human condition through sophisticated and beautiful filmic imagery. He is particularly fascinated by water, which he uses as a metaphor for the origin of human life.  

sunblue: Surface Detail
In a beautiful video made by a laser physicist turned web developer with an interest in generative graphics programming, Tom Beddard creates a myriad of surface details in an evolving fractal landscape.  
Francis Lucille: Eternity Now

he first in a series of three books taken from dialogues with Francis Lucille, Eternity Now has become a timeless classic. Read an extract from this exquisite book.  
Chuck Surface:

Unimaginable Grace
How does advaita explain this,
This Mystical Alchemy,
This wordless transmission,
Of the Heart's Desire,
From one 'apparent' form,
To another?    

Gabriel Rosenstock has a new book:  

Stray Birds | Eanlaith Strae Rabindranath Tagore , Gabriel Rosenstock

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