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#4420 - Tuesday, November 8, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz


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Scott Kiloby's NEW Living Realization Meetings Set to Start in December

Just a quick note to remind you that the new Living Realization online meetings are starting Saturday December 3rd.


Read more about what we are offering on the LR site


and then sign up by clicking on the button at the bottom of each LR Group description. Or you can go directly to the Online Schedule/Registration page here:

The meetings will be capped at 25 people per group (to ensure ample individual participation), so space is limited. Hope to see you soon...

~Scott Kiloby (Living Realization)





Hi Jerry,


THANK YOU for your great website.  I've been perusing the nondual activism page.


David Loy got me hoping about how to merge these two as well.  Here's an interview with him from Insight Journal:


I've been trying to get folks at to talk about this issue as well but sort of clumsily.







Adyashanti, from The End of Your World


Stop avoiding things. If there is anything that is unresolved in yourself, turn toward it. Face it. Look at it. Stop avoiding it. Stop moving the other way. Stop using a moment of awakening as a means to not deal with something that may be less than awake within you.


The fact is, we can have a very deep seeing of the true nature of things, while remaining, on the human level, very conflicted and deluded in certain areas of our lives. We need the sincerity to stop shying away from that, to actually turn, look, and face any place where we perceive something less than awakenedness, something less than unity. When we perceive divisiveness in ourselves, we must face it.

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