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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #4432, Sunday, November 20, 2011

You need both clarity and earnestness for self-knowledge. You need maturity of heart and mind, which comes through earnest application in daily life of whatever little you have understood. There is no such thing as compromise in Yoga. If you want to sin, sin wholeheartedly and openly. Sins too have their lessons to teach the earnest sinner, as virtues - the earnest saint. It is the mixing up of the two that is so disastrous. Nothing can block you so effectively as compromise, for it shows lack of earnestness, without which nothing can be done.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to ANetofJewels

The guru's grace is always there for all to carry away in ample measure, but there is no rule as to when or where it will fructify. All that the guru does, and all the he can do, is to point to THAT which we all are, and if there are no obstructions like doubts or intellectual vanity or inordinate attachment to things material, the transformation can be immediate. In fact, it has to be immediate. Otherwise it will be nothing more than intellectual knowledge.

- Ramesh Balsekar, posted to ANetofJewels

To seek enlightenment as an individual identified with a body is to continue to suffer misery. Unless you forget everything, you will never be established in the Self.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar, posted to Distillation

Past experience should be a guide post, not a hitching post.

- D. W. Williams, posted to Distillation

Fight with all the strength at your disposal against the idea that you are nameable and describable. You are not. Refuse to think of yourself in terms of this or that. There is no other way out of misery, which you have created for yourself through blind acceptance without investigation.

- Nisardagatta Maharaj, posted to Distillation

If continually you keep your hope
quivering like the willow in longing for Heaven,
spiritual water and fire will continually arrive
and increase your subsistence.
And if your longing carries you there, it will be no wonder.
Don't pay attention to your weakness,
but to the intensity of your longing.
For this search is God's pledge within you,
because every seeker deserves to find something of which she seeks.
Increase this search,
that your heart may escape from this bodily prison.
If your spirit shall not live without the body,
for whom is the blessing promised in the words:
in Heaven is your provision?

- Rumi, Mathnawi V:1731-1735; 1742, version by Camille and Kabir Helminski, from Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance, posted to Sunlight

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