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Highlights #458

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Friday September 1, 2000

GREG on Sedona Method

In addition to the site Googlized by Mark, there are lots of friends here
in NYC who are graduates and teachers of the Sedona Method. There is quite
a crossover between Sedona and satsang, the Robert Adams connection in
Sedona, and satsang teachers coming from the Method via other teachers who
were students of Papaji's. From what I understand, the method as a method,
wasn't really invented by the founder Lester Levenson -- he was teaching
much like satsang itself. He has a very interesting book called KEYS TO
THE ULTIMATE FREEDOM: Thoughts and Talks on Personal Transformation
(c1993). Here are some quick short quotes:

-Desire just cuts off happiness.
-There's nothing bad, there's just making
errors on the way back Home.
-Misery is complexity. Happiness is simplicity.
-Total non-reaction to parents is close to realization.

In case you're interested in the book and can't find it, a good friend here
in NYC has a whole stack of them, he'd be glad to send you a copy.


GENE & SKY "Tickets to the living gene pool"

Proper High Gene,

You seemed to be passing out some choice seats when you wrote,

"You are free to 'take the plunge', to let go, to float, to fly without
direction, to expand, to encompass it all, to eat the entire universe,
to free yourself of any 'moral restraint', to outrageously step into
space, to feel good for no reason, to have yourself, to be yourself, to
sleep, to dream, to awaken; you are free to bind yourself in schedules
of proper attainment, to wait for the proper moment, to reach outside of
yourself, to search inside for keys to the outside and to search outside
for keys to the inside, to look for the omens, to hold back, to go
forward into the past, to index the ancient archives; to use your own
approval, to realize that your veracity as you doubt yourself, is only
as valid as the one who doubts; and that that one who doubts, can be
doubted, or not; to wrestle with the Giant Squids of Eternal Paradox, to
pursue the butterfly of love, to pass through the seven veils, to sit at
Your Own right hand, and to know also, what your left is doing, or not,
as you choose.
So, baby-steps it is.
Or, you could try out these really great seven-league boots, if you care
to. They are always 'on sale'.
Rompin and stompin,
==Gene Poole== "

Can I join?

Actually, I just want to put those words on the stamp I ink on peoples
arms when they come through my doors of perception. Thata way I can let
them in and out of the dance, knowing that they're free loaders, just
like us.

DAN & responses

"Dan wrote:
Nothing ever has emerged from Source.
Therefore, there is no "source".
Reality only seems background when
attention is paid to a foreground
that is assumed to be different.

mmm no creation mmm



Dan, you wrote:

> From: Dan Berkow <
>Subject: Re: No Source
>Nothing ever has emerged from Source.
>Therefore, there is no "source".
>Reality only seems background when
> attention is paid to a foreground
> that is assumed to be different.


Where would something
Emerge 'into',
What is that mythical space?

Even imagination
Is pure,
As is the imaginer;

The two are one,
Separated not
Except by protocols
Of indexing,

It is possible
To not know this;
It is possible
To wander halls
Of protocols,

Always bewaring

Seeking a defined freedom,
Wearing the virtue
Of limits,
Politely politic;

Social masks in place,
Clinging to precious

Dancing only proper steps;
Punishing those
Who dare stray,

While bemoaning
Similar punishment
Given to you
By those who enforce
The protocols you obey.

What a subtle game it is,
Pretending not to be, while
Pretending to be;

To adopt a color,
While all colors
Are yours,

The indefinable
Defining itself,

So not to lose
What it cannot have
And does not need.

==Gene Poole==

I agree, "source" is a funny concept, not very buddhistic, but what
about sacredness, how else do you tune into that?

regarding places of origin, or states of beatitude, there seems to be a
tendency to seek a particular space, such as enlightenment, or grace, or
bliss, etc, as though there were something static or permanent,
dependable, abiding, about it. (Please don't ignore my use of the word,
"seems," since I'm aware that this, too, is an illusion.)

In order to counter this illusion, I like to use Shivic
contrapuntal metaphors such as "dancing," "play," "novelty," "flux,"
and, especially, "timing," which suggest dynamic movement and

For me, then, truth is also change. And when someone uses the
word "enlightened," I generally ask myself, "yes, might have been, but
that was then, this is now. What now?"

Regarding your provocative, perhaps rhetorical, how does one
tune into the sacred?, my answer is a very serious and sober, "simply by
NAMING Now sacred." For me, in the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD
was with God."

Alternatively, I access the sacred even before the word,
"sacred," in the instant of imaging sacredness: it is already fully

A PS....
sky wrote:
I guess I missed whatever you and Dan were talking about.
you didn't miss anything. I was just talking to myself. We do that a lot
here ~


LARRY (who asks the best questions) & MARK

> Hi Mark,
> yes, the interesting question is how does heart and no-me fit
> together.
> I can see that they _do_ fit, but I don't see _how_.
> curious minds want to know, Larry

Hi Larry,

The drunken ego says:
What's your name, no_me, gnome, gnu, new, nu, mu, ask Michael... (I'm
still identified with Mark, the unfit fisted scientist) Michael stands
everywhere, not just under. (but my heart has room for you regardless
of the values I may profess. I'll try to pay more attention to you, I
promise. You and Sky...) It's all fit and fine. Just like OH says,
very fine...

Something less glib (and stupid) wants to say I love you Larry, and that
love is so big that Mark is just floating in it, and so is Larry, and
everyone else. As the floater and the floating and the ocean in which
these two play their game all merge, there is no me, just the heart.
(and so paying attention to and obeying the heart is to serve it. - a
joyous thing!) No secret, just acceptance of this love.

Love, Mark


High Larry,

When I read,

"Hi Mark,
yes, the interesting question is how does heart and no-me fit together.
I can see that they _do_ fit but I don't see _how_.
curious minds want to know, Larry,"

I thought, "razor's edge!" (I recently saw a rerun of the movie based
on Sommerset Maughm's "The Razor's Edge," with Tyrone Power. I once
flattered myself to think that my life ran parallel to the
protagonist's. Still do, to an extent. Another association that came
to mind was Kurtz' nightmare in the movie, "Apocalypse Now," in which a
snail moves across a razor's edge.)

Anyway, for me the answer is living in the Now. That's the only place
where the sensitivity of the heart and the power of powerlessness ("no
me," "no ego," just cosmic play, which is really also, "all me," "all
ego," since opposites are identical on the deepest level...) FEEL as
though they've merged as One, and thus, do. So, for me, it's the flow
of impersonal power from the lower chakras meeting with the flow of
intimate concern from the upper chakras, to wed in the eternity of the
present moment.

Just thought I'd share that. Not claiming to have any answers for
anyone but myself. And I'm not even claiming that, really. It's all
temporary, a phase I'm going through. I assume we're all just going
through a phase. Aren't we?



"Mark W. Otter" wrote:

> Hi Sky,
> Thanks for the advice. Mary often suggests going for a walk as well,
> and when I do so, I am always surprised at how much I enjoy it (even
> here in depressingly flat Long Island). note to self - don't just
> listen to good advice - act on it! I haven't been entirely having fun
> the past week or two, but I'm not sure that fun is all it's cracked up
> to be. (fun is lovely, and I really appreciate it, but sometimes,
> visiting the pain seems important too. In fact, it's kinda fun too, as
> visiting it and experiencing it looses it's hold.) Maybe it's the
> sensation of relief, I dunno, but it seems appropriate now and then. I
> am an extremist however, so sometimes I plunge in where even fools fear
> to tread. Ah, well. This seems to be my particular bent. I am truly
> grateful to the list and to you as part of the list for bearing with my
> tirades and witnessing my process. It seems very important to not be
> alone during the journey, and I feel in wonderful company here. Change
> is happening and I can't stop it, nor do I want to. I trust it, even
> the difficult parts. If surrender were trivial, what would be the
> point?
> LOve, Mark

Everything you do is beautiful and right.




> Jerry,
> Your late wife sounds like she was a wise woman. As for the 'Dirty
> Dozen', didn't they used to play pro baseball? Om-m-m-m-m shu wop
> shu wa. (I think it's catching.)
> Love,
> Royal

Yes, she was. When I'd sit in my room alone for hours
surrounded by books and notebooks I'd write in, she'd tell
some day there would be other people I'd be connected with.
Neither one of us knew anything about what was going on with
the internet. Her knowing of what was coming energized and
encouraged me.


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