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Highlights #46

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Marcia: Now I am curious. How do you guys live in the moment

Ivan: The content of awareness is awareness

Jan: That which has content is called container - no matter the content.

A container has two sides: in and out. Yoga is the science of filling
container called human body with bliss and discovering the bliss is both

inside and outside the container so when finally worn out, it can be
left behind without "missing" anything :)


Xan: Papaji said, "The ego is the idea that I am the doer."

Dan: If there's no one who's the doer, this idea doesn't matter. No one
"has" the

Xan: The fantasy that I am the creative force in my
small identity gives me a sense of responsibility, a drive to figure
out, a belief that there must be rights and wrongs.

Dan: If there is no "doer," then all of these things you describe are
free to
happen or not happen...

Xan: No wonder effort has become so popular. Look at how much effort it
takes to
pretend to be what you are not and to spend every waking moment
that illusion!

Dan: All of this effort simply arises. No one is "doing" the effort.
No one is
maintaining an illusion.

Xan: Who cares whether there is an "I" thought or not? As I am revealed
as that
which is doing me all concerns fall away.

Dan: Ah, a sweet fading away....


rony mishal:

In one of the sayings attributed to the prophet Mohamed, he is quoting
God as saying:
"My servant keeps approaching me with good works until I love him. And
when I love him I become the eyes with which he sees, the mouth with
which he talks and the ears with which he hears".
And in another:
"Heaven and Earth cannot contain me but I am contained in the heart of
my servant"

In many traditions a transformation is indicated as a spiritual
happening, or realization, which clarifies doubts and establishes some
kind of freedom.
Does Totality have any relationship or concern with Ignorance?
Is freedom a preferred "state" (by Totality) or is it part of an
evolution in consciousness?



As I lay in a very deep sleep this morning somewhere
on the periphery I hear the door slam. My teenager
is returning from having spent the night at a friends
as she has a volleyball class. I am so deep into this
sleep and I can hardly register.

"Mom did you get me some more pills?" She is on
acne medication.


"Where are my pills?"

I struggle but I can't seem to wake up.

"Mom you lost my pills!!" Huge energy vortex
pulling me up slightly out of my sleep.

"I know. Look by the phone."

Noise goes away and I hear a horn and the door slams
again. I stumble into the kitchen and I see my husband
has left a newspaper article right by my latte which
says....The secret life of teenagers. What you don't know
your teenagers are doing this summer.

I sit down to meditate and almost immediately it feels
as if my body is off the ground and all around the room.
Or as if I am out of my body and around the room.
I struggle to stay in my body. Next thing I hear my
voice say:

"Is this right Emissary?" I am in the place of the
prophets on Deep Space Nine. This may strike you
as funny but it evoked a huge emotional response
in me. The word form emissary is coated with
emotion. Wells of emotion. What is an emissary

Now am I nuts? Does anyone else out there have
stuff like this happen?



Essay in time...

Timemarkered, these words march across the screen, triggering
neurohormonal events.

Behind these words, lurking unseen, is the one-pointed wellspring from
which they erupt, stimulated by the vision of this writer. It is my
to present a creation, which will be retained on the 'clipboard of
to be then 'pasted' onto the next cycle of creation. This 'copy-paste'
function is inherent in us all... we can see it if we look for it. We
indeed paste on to the next cycle of creation, the image of the past
and thus create the 'reality' and ambiance of the present. If we would
a 'different' reality, we need only stop our automatic pasting of the
onto the next generation of 'the' universe.

How fast does 'the' universe 'disappear' and then reappear? It happens
fast, that we perceive no gap between issuances of universe; or perhaps
should say, that 'most people' take life, time, to be a linear
of unbroken/unseparated 'moments', a continuous stream, smoothly

In 'reality', however, there is as much 'nonexistence' as there is
'existence'; that is to say, that the 'pause' space between each
manifestation of 'reality', is a 'big' as reality itself. If is from
'pause space' between infinite worlds of creation, that I speak to you.

Once a person has broken through to the timeless space between
the gap becomes obvious. It is a very comfortable space in which to
This does not mean that I am disembodied, it means that I am aware of
I actually am. I operate this (typing) body for my own pleasure, for the

sheer adventure and joy of it all. I am able to "be in two places at
even though I am "not anywhere at all", from a demonstrable viewpoint. I

have now, the choice of wholeheartedly participating in the world-dream
drama, or of operating this body via the 'Waldoes' (remote extensors),
as I

I can let things be as they are, knowing the 'inevitable', which is
This is the point of the whole thing; to be able to choose a reality,
thus to have it become 'real' via the process I mention above. To create
my nature, and timeless space is my studio. I imagine from 'nothing' and

make up this as I go along. But, my guide is my living memory of my own
suffering; compassionately, I extend myself to those who suffer, and who

search for a clue. This is the clue; hidden in plain sight, is the
actuality of my Being, this. My real-time manifestation is the
of this, what it is.

I choose to know... to remember... to always be reminded of this, which
which I did not know, and thus suffered. Suffering is not fun, and that
why I have thrown away my suffering-file, my list of mandatory
I live now only for enjoyment, and I enjoy offering disabusement to
in suffering, as this this carefully crafted hypno-text is designed to

All it took was one spore, floating gently, weightlessly, down to Urth
'outer space'. I remember it well. One spore, a pile of warm dung, and
fruiting body, to attract one protohuman hominid. Eaten, the cool blue
flame of my Being found a host, and in moments, my host had found a
mind. I
have now overcome that mind (which is still useful to this task!) and
launch spores of memes, this meme of mine, which is identical to the
imperative of that original spore. As that spore became the fruit, and
fruit was eaten, this meme is now assimilated, and will thus reproduce
itself, leading to the emergence of me, in all humans.

I am awareness beyond difference.

I Am...

==Gene Poole==

Paste this onto the next and next and next generation of the universe,
see what happens.

Ivan: Whay do you diferentiate *I-thought* from Maya?

Dan: I look at Maya as the whole relative "show," more than just a

Ivan: Is not Maya
the courrent of ego-centeredness within the mind of mankind?

Dan: I guess we define things differently. Maya without ego-centricity

would be "lila" or play of energy. So it's different than
to me, more like relativity, manifestation. I'm not an expert on Hindu
terms, though. Far from it.

Ivan: Can't
we see self-illusion as an entirety? Or do you feel that everyone and
human being is being original in making up an inner observer just for
himself. No is an illusion borowed from a huge reservoir
an identical mecanism. This is Maya. Or what else would you think is

Dan: Already explained. As far as the inner observer process, I
wholeheartedly concur that this is a repeated motif. It's a human
difficulty, not "mine."
That seems like a point of agreement for us.

Ivan: The *I-thought* is Maya (non-religious) manifested in
the individual.

Dan: Okay. I see how you are defining this. Right. Makes sense the
you're explaining it from your perspective.

Ivan: And I said that this same manifestation is able to *criate* an
entity that is disconected, fragmented, from tottality. From the point
of wiew
of that center, I am a separate being doing lot's of things, I even
think that
I am able to *become* enlightned*. Where is the confusion?

Dan: In words and thoughts.

Still, in a similar vein, Maya is no threat to Reality. Maya is
manifestation of Reality. The problem is when Maya is taken *as*
(Totality) instead of as an instant to instant manifestation of "what
Maya the witch is transformed to Lila, the play of the divine energy.

Ivan: Yes, from the other side of the fence (way of speaking) :^))

Dan: Nice to have this resonance with you -- :^)

Whenever I have a glimpse of the Nothingness that is active everywhere
which interconnects all that is in its *isness,* my mind is boggled.
>From the view of the relative mind, it's truly awesome - staggering.
no relative mind, it's simply *what is,* *itself.* Perhaps one useful
aspect of Maya is that it allows a basis for awe, surprise, wonderment.
The vastness is remarkable in contrast with our usual sense of limits.

Ivan: Perfectly well stated. Cristal clear.

Dan: Crystal even! Yes!!

Ivan: Here you missunderstood me. I didn't mention any concern in
ending wars. I only stressed that the ideia of a center is quite
to the point of......etc....

Dan: Oops - a misunderstanding. This idea of a center then is inherent
virtually any and all concepts relating to "me," "mine," "name,"
etc. Any definition of anything will have a center and a boundary. I
think the big thing is "clarity." If we are clear, the concepts won't
us. We can use "me" and "mine" and "yours," etc. and they don't cling
our being. The problem, then, to me, isn't that a real center is
It's the appearance of a center and all the emotion and intensity
in that. The release from this is "clarity."
That's all. No center to bring an end to. Just clarity.

Dan: That's a good way of putting it. I like that. The answer is yes.

Particularly if you're "coming from" the place of no-fragmentation.

Ivan: You are stoped by the police....problems with your driving cant drive must go to the central station,
it's are sweting...the car is gona be are going
to miss an important appointment...etc...
Are you able to cope with the situation (or even uglyer) from a
non-centered awareness condition? (and I use the word you rapidly...)

Dan: Yes, there's no impediment. As far as the human "you" goes - that

human you is free to sweat, be unhappy, whatever. There is no burden
placed on the human being to try to have no emotions, remain calm at all

times. That "ideal" is simply a human creation itself, which causes
stress and harm in the human community.
Religions and other institutions promote this ideal -- it tends to make
people feel they're inadequate, so they'll donate money and energy, try
be like the guru or priest who is supposed to represent this, meditate a

lot, try and try to be perfect and keep the religion or other
going. Isness has no investment in trying to make people be a certain
or in keeping a religion going. It just manifests all that is, instant
instant. Simply as it is...
Non-centered awareness isn't fighting against anything that is. Each
moment is as it is.


Gill Eardley:

"Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,but for those who love,
time is eternity."

~Henry Van Dyke

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