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Wednesday, September 20

there are no enlightened beings
or unenlightened beings
there is only this unspeakable

true masters don't exist


It isn't the divine that is dangerous.
It's Reality that is dangerous.

When there is No-thing to be worshipped,
that is dangerous.

Don't ask me dangerous to whom, I don't know.

I just know that what we worship
is our self.
With No-thing to worship, where are we?

--Dan Berkow



Did you ever hear about Avatar? The awareness tools
invented from Harry Palmer? Where the "I" realized being
source itself and starts creating out of this standpoint? I
am so happy to have found these devine tools. Through using
them in my daily life, a lot of answers start coming to me.
First they help me to stop unneccassary suffering which I
only create when I resist what is (what "I" as God created
in the first place, but forgot that "I" ordered it in the
universe, and the universe-waiter delivers every order
made...., it maybe another concept for "karma").

As long as I just feel how it feels, suffering stops!

The labeling, the jugdement, the resistance towards what is
changes pure experiencing into suffering. This is what I
found out. So my ability to simply feel what is, is a magic
key to just being God and experiencing God in everything
there is, also in dark aspects of life if this is what "I"
wanted to experience. AVATAR supports the responsibility in
life very much.

With my words: When I am God and all is God, so "I" as God
created everything. So God is, that means "I" am
responsible for it. To not realize this, to forget this
creates pain and resistance. To realize this gives the
power also to change it, to let things after feeling them,
dissolve and create a "better" world. God is able to, isn`t



I believe that the way of realisation is only through the
wounds. It is through feeling. Yes so I can agree with you
there. There are wounds in me which are open. For me
healing can only start when the wounds are open.

Yes not everybody got killed who told the truth but many.
What I wanted to say with this statement is that it is
taking the risk.

My believe is that life is only worth living when I can
live on the razors edge. It is a life in full
responsibility to myself and others (do not say there are
no others). Osho has spoken often about this world and
mirrored what is done to this planet in our sleepiness. We
are on the way to destroy it.

Bruce compassion has brought me on this way and I cannot
say more to it.



The funny thing about some of these masters that you speak
of particularly here, Shree Rajneesh and Shree Da Free
John, is that a master will often do things to mirror back
to the disciples the insanity that they believe in. They've
taken the false to be the real. My bet is that the Master's
job is not an easy one. There's a lot of things that they
have to do that personally they would prefer just to remain
quiet and not bother anyone. They just get on with their
life. But a deep deep compassion brings them here to do the

Through these actions of the Masters, what they evoke for
us deeply is our self-importance. They offend us
collectively, how much investment we have in our

It's like our own self-importance is our greatest enemy. It
continually keeps us weak in feeling "offended" by the
actions or mis-actions of what we consider right and wrong
by others. The only trouble is...that our self-importance
means that we have to spend the rest of our time living in
our day to day life living offended by someone else.

Self-importance, our self-importance, this is what this is
all about isn't it...?



I got never a mala around my neck, but what I percieve
through Osho is eternal love and the input and work in
consciousness he initiated and brought forward is of
immense value for the evolutionary development on this
planet. The teaching represented from Osho brought in my
life very much understanding, constantly questioning and
exploring my concepts, conditionings and unspeakable bliss
and love. The gratitude for the self doing work in
consciousness and awaken people from the trance is eternal,
regardless its manifested form.



the Master for me is One. Mastering in different forms
through different Masters - one of them was Osho - very
high teaching. Waygiver for my light or Lightgiver for my
way. Forever thankful. And even if I would defend the form
of Osho itself - the humanness, or body-mind- structure.
Whatever any Buddha brings to this "world" is the greatest
gift ever. Maybe many of us have forgotten the time when we
were so identified and stuck without hope in our little
lives - and maybe billions of people are still in this
state in this world. I would wish them all to experience
this gift of Love and Light which I had experienced at that
time. Thank you and Gratefulness to all these Masters.



Dear Friends,

A True master will only point to your own Inner Beauty that
You Are. Whether for you that master is Ramana, Lao Tzu,
Adi Da, Rajneesh/Osho, Lalla it does not matter. All of
these Masters are my brothers and sisters. And Brothers and
Sisters play and know it to be play. Do not take the play
to heart.

To Know our Own Serenity and Tranquility, we must not be
attached to words and concepts. Understand the True and
Pure Teaching of the Masters. Be not attached to the form
of the Master. No Genuine Master would want that. The True
Master Loves you too much to desire worship or

Know the Reality to be Your Own Consciousness. Pure and

I wish for everyone Peace, Love, Joy, Serenity, and
Fullness of Awareness. Like the Moon in full bloom lightens
up the night sky, may your Pure Mind make your journey
joyful. And may the Sun of Suns make you see that your
Heart is Already Radiant and Bright and has Always Been.


Dear fellow member,

the social construction of enlightenment is very well known
in the spiritial lineage. Without disciple, there would be
no master. Obvious. Enlightenment would not exist without
no-one to watch it, and to give it a name. This also means,
that the concepts of enlightenment are bound to change
according to the lineage you belong to, and according to
the century you are born in. In germany we have the tale of
Kaspar Hauser. Maybe you have heard of him. Kaspar Hauser
grew up in a dark prison. He came out finally with an adult
body, but with the mind of a child. The difference to a
child was, that his mind was fixed. He could not learn to
speak for example. He had some capacities, even spiritual
powers, but was never able to become adult. He had no-one
to watch, to interact with. He could not experience
duality, to develop his mind to the wonderful tool it is
for us. He had no-mind experiences but was not conscious
about them.

Also the laws of nature are constructed, as are science,
mathematics, mind and anger. Construction is constructed.
There is nothing spiritual about this.



Dear Elly, I was touched by your response to my email about
shame and apartheid. Like you, I feel it is paramount to
work on ourselves. It is all very well to bask in the
notion that "I am one" but this "I" comes in a very
problematic package called the human bodymind. To connect
with God and oneness I believe we have to go down through
the blood, sweat and tears of humanness. Regarding the
work, I have been contemplating the role of grief in
spiritual life. One of the reasons that my shame about my
participation in apartheid has not fully healed, I believe,
is that I have not grieved enough. Who would want to open
those floodgates? I don't mean to make myself sound
special. My understanding is that we all have tons of
denied grief, just in day to day living, regardless of our
backgrounds. What grieving I have done - I have grieved
over my highhanded treatment of black nannies who loved me
- has helped me to connect with my heart and my compassion,
and thereby with God. Like you, I love Rumi. Here is a poem
I love

Blood must flow, he said,
For the garden to flower,
And the heart that loves me,
Is a wound without a shield.

Synchronistically yesterday I heard that great buddhist
teacher Stephen Levine speaking about doing the work on
ourselves. "Do you have anything better to do than this
work?" he asked. No Stephen, I haven't. With love and
thanks from Betty Barlow



While I was away from the computer this evening I looked at
this 'split' I recognized today....this incongruiety I'd
been carrying....and could see how perfect it was.

I have such a sense of it all being 'in divine order'.

I was 'split' as a child, and have recognized for some time
the beauty of that perfect it was that
one part of me 'split' away from the rest...

only later to be reunited.

I had the same sense today of how perfect it was for me to
don the mask of 'invulnerability' just one more tool
(unconscious as it was) to assist me in my efforts to break
away from 'the group mind', 'group ethics' and to tap
dancing to other people's music.

It was an exercise which showed me that even though I may
have left the 'club', the 'club' never left me.

More importantly, It reminded me of what I had already
discovered 10 years ago, which was: to be
be totally open to whatever comes my to move from
a world once seen as black and white to a world full of

It's as if taste buds have returned, and I'm once again
free to taste a full range of flavors.

Being 'vulnerable'.....whether it's the experience of a
broken heart, or that of lighthearted to be
fully, gratefully, wholeheartedly alive.


All this bantering about projecting out and seeing one
stuff as in another or seeing the split in oneself has
validity on one level but on another it doesn't.

As one begins to see how one has constricted ones mind and
sees how one has projected internal motivations onto the
other guy, then often this too gets projected onto the
other guy. You see what I mean? We now accuse the other guy
of projecting his/her stuff onto us cause we are in the
very moment doing just that thing and projecting it onto
the other guy. I agree. This is a split that one can
feel/see in oneself.

There does come a point however, where one is not split and
is whole and unified. There is no split then and it is true
to say that I am not split.

If you are split you are split. That does not automatically
make everyone else split and lying if they say they are



I noticed when consciously breathing that the IN-breath
slowly expands to a point of fullness without discomfort.
At first it seemed as if my energy-body was being lifted
with the in-breath into a 'vacuum'. My eyes (being open)
seemed to change its focus so that things "outside" me
became a scene in perfect stillness without a "me" seeing

With the OUT-breath (at first) the energy-body seemed to be
gravitating back to its former "position", but feeling more
integrated and energized by events in the in-breath. All
thought had ceased.

After a few cycles of this breathing the energy-body seemed
not to be rising and falling. There was no movement only
peace and boundless being.

I suppose if this breathing could be maintained there would
no longer be a "me", nothing but boundless being. Hmm...its
great to be 'here' for a breath of fresh air...with or
without the "me" to whiff it. :-)



DAVID: Greetings Gene! While I defer to Sri Pneumananda,
the originator of the Boundless Breathing Seminar©, in all
things breath, I offer my own comments below:

GENE: Greetings David,

Perhaps as Master Breather, you could give me some advice.

The other day, I was breathing. Not just breathing, but
also counting my inbreaths and outbreaths. Well, I noticed
that I was breathing 'out', more than I was breathing 'in'.
In other words, there turned out to be more outbreaths than

I have ben worried about this ever since. I feel I am
somehow shortchanging myself, that I am breathing out more
than in. If this unfortunate trend continues, I will only
be able to breath out.

As Master of Breath, what advice can you give me, to remedy
this situation?

Thanks in advance,

Gene Poole


DAVID: Thanks for asking! Sorry it took a while for me to
reply, I have been putting together some material on the
avatar Johnny Salami for Jerry. Due to other circumstances,
I have had to defer that effort for tomorrow.

The in-breath, the pause, and the out-breath of course
correspond to the Hindu trinity of Brahma, the creator (the
in-breath), Vishnu, the sustainer (the pause between), and
Shiva, the destroyer (the out-breath).

These phases of the breath also constitute the great
crystal clock of the Universe, beating out the rhythm of
appearance, manifestation, and disappearance that,
unperceived by most, are responsible the construction of
"reality" by our gross physical senses. This corresponds to
the crystal clocks that beat time for our computers. As in
modern multitasking computers, where in the imperceptible
intervals of these ticks, context switches occur with
blinding speed, so that many programs appear to be running
"all at once".

Since you have noticed, oh gifted one, that your in-breaths
are fewer than your out-breaths, it might occur to you that
what is happening is that your perception of "reality" is
getting out of phase. But fear not, these "missing" parts
of the great clock-beat are indeed there, but in other
contexts being switched in and out of your Display (to use
your infectious terminology).

These other contexts are complete Display fields that
"seem" to be the reality of other persons in other times
and even other places. And so, your missing phase might
actually be part of MY context, or of you in a previous or
future lifetime, or of some Ganymeadean slime mold
somewhere far far away.

By paying attention (which I know you are really good at
doing) you might be able to shift phases into one of these
other switched contexts and suddenly inhabit the perceptual
field of, oh, some Olympic gymnast in the midst of a
difficult balance beam exercise, or of a politician in the
process of calling a reporter an asshole, or of Julius
Caesar in the process of being assassinated. You never

The method for shifting phases is known in shamanic
traditions as "moving the assemblage point." Basically, you
focus in the heart center and then, metaphorically, step
two or three inches to the left. Easy, huh?!!!

It used to bother me that, despite the fact that I realized
that there is, in truth, "no self", there still seemed to
be an attachment of the awareness masquerading as "David
Hodges" to this particular bio/conscious unit in this
particular time and place, until I realized that the
context switching that occurs in the intervals of the
breath actually provided enough "time" for awareness to be
attached to EVERY bio/conscious unit on the planet, indeed
in the universe, in every time and place.

The way that reality contexts can overlay each other and
bleed into one another has been extensively documented by
the great Philip K. Dick, as in our mutually favored text,

But I'm sure you know all this, honored sir.

References and notes:

"Modern Vedic Psychophysics" at

"Therefore they say, 'the breath is Vayu (God of the wind),
seed is breath; seed comes into being first when man comes
into existence.' In that he recites a triplet to Vishnu,
thus he makes his breath perfect...Where there is
expiration, there is inspiration; in that he recites a
triplet to Indra and Vayu, thus his expiration and
inspiration he makes perfect." - from the Aitareya Brahmana
quoted by David Frawley in _Gods, Sages and Kings: Vedic
Secrets of Ancient Civilization_.

"We have a closed universe that forms an elongated hollow
torus. Encased within this torus is an inner torus of
protospace...our psyches, which contain all our knowledge,
expand periodically into that space for a very short period
of time at practically infinite velocities. The the human
psyches form an interference pattern with psyches of all
other consciousnesses in the universe." Itzhak Bentov,
_Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of

"What appears to occur is that the identification with the
body by the created I-dentities form an internal universe,
which, like a galaxy of stars, planets, and cosmic dust,
seem to evolve around what the I-dentities perceive as a
Black Hole which is actually within the body. It is this
Black Hole which is paradoxically the gateway into
Essence...the Sufi school of the Fourth way talks of the
mid-point...the gap or space that occurs as one emotion or
thought changes into another [or as an in-breath changes
into an out-breath]...the mid-point is what is called
self-remembering and is where self-remembering can take
place. In the work of G.I. Gurdjieff, attention is split at
the mid-point and one can wake up out of the sleep of
identification with a particular state of
consciousness...this mid-point is often experienced as pure
quiet - nothingness." Stephen Wolinksky, _The Tao of Chaos_

Falling into the Gap,

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