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Sure, I admit it. I do have all the answers, but I do not know which
questions they go with. But hey, running my fingers through all these
answers, certainly gives me a cool feeling!

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"

==Gene Poole==

If you want to find real wisdom look deeply within your Self.

Best wishes, Ed


Such bliss I know
when raindrops touch the lake and the waters reunite...
but so much more do I rejoice in those
that miss, and kiss my laughing face instead.



Three men are walking in the desert. One is carrying a bottle of wine, the
other one
carrying a piece of chocolate and the third one is carrying a car-door. An
other man
along and asks the first man: "why are you carrying a bottle of wine?"
"Something to
drink when
I get thirsty". He asks the second one: "why are you carrying a piece of
hungry, I've got something to eat". He asks the third one "why are you carrying
"If it gets hot, I can open the window".

Have fun

Isn't what happens here at the NDS ..."seeking" Isn't "seeking" the
only thing any "I" can do when...when operating from the
can anything but "seeking" occur?
Hmmmm...honestly....maybe this...why does it seem like nonduality is
something that some "I's" value more than duality....
No...ego has NOT vanished...but can it "vanish" as long as one is
wearing an "I" as long as one is...incarnate?



Dear Sandeep,

If I'm not in a state,
I'm not concerned
about enlightenment
or nonenlightenment.

If I'm not in a state,
people who believe
everyone must be
in a state,
will be sure
to define one that
I am in, one that
I am missing out on,
and one that I'll
be sorry if I
fall into.



Dear Dan,

Trying some of this Dan-ji email typography here, chiming in....

If I think I'm in a state,
then I'm concerned
about states,
about enlightenment,
and about nonenlightenment.

If I think I'm in a state,
then other people and other states
are what I see.
Wherever I turn, I'll "make"
states of the stateless.

If I think I'm in a state,
then I might seek to be
in the stateless state, the
state of being free from states.
I'll want that to last as long as it can.
It might even require vigilance, but
maybe then it can last forever, er, I think...

I'll consider that to be a very
precarious state indeed!




Paint the endless sky
Observe the beauty
It is good.

This morning between wakefulness and sleep
Angels whispering telling secrets
The purpose and the cause danced as one
Seal your lips tell nothing.

Shout it out
Reveal the secret
Hush now
I am busy.

No reason
To see what there is to see.

How vast!
How small!


Peace - dancing - Michael


Dearest Pou,

We are all One in our humanity expressing the animal and the divine in
different shades of color as it all plays out on the ground of Being. We are
One in Being. So it seems to me that there is no shame in being human
whether it is Osho or me or you or Tom, Hans, Dan, Lalla, Mary, Sandeep,
Jerry, etc. Humans have this great gift that they have the potential to
reflect and understand the nature of their own suffering and the suffering
of those around them. They can examine the cause of that suffering. Being
alert to this and bringing awareness to the cause of suffering itself goes
to the root of the fundamental problem of existence. This self-awareness
spontaneously influences behavior to be more compassionate, more forgiving,
and it brightens the intelligence. The wise say that this constant attention
as Self-Awareness loosens the knot of the Heart and the feeling of
separation disappears. Ultimately dear Pou, Osho's problems are not your
problems unless you make them so. To concretize the master as a body in
one's consciousness is natural and helpful at a certain point. But
sometimes, somewhere, One must give everything up, and that is the final
grace of the True Guru. He blesses you in the dream, points the way, and
then disappears leaving you to rest and reside in the Being of God that is
the Guru-Being and the Self-Being.

Love to you Pou and all


>Dear Dan,
>There is no doer, and whatever happens is inevitable, bound to happen. I
also know
>that I may achieve things in the world for my own benefit and in service
to the world
>by fixing my attention on a goal, making an effort, working toward that
goal, by
>wilful intent and action. How can these knowings be reconciled with each

Dear Andrew,

The energy of birth-death
that is limitless is
not describable.

The day to day conventional
forms of speaking and
thinking are definable.

The second would not be
without the first.
The first is the "source"
of the second (although
never apart or other).

If I "live" as the unbounded,
my bounded life takes care
of itself.

If I try to live "in" the bounded
reality as an entity,
endless complications
result from the friction of
placing "me" here against
"that" there (whether "that"
be a goal, an expectation,
another person, etc.).

It's a matter of awareness,
not a change of form.

The thinking/speaking that involves
day to day life, goals, etc.,
arises as appropriate. However,
there is no investment in an
outcome for a separable entity,
and no evaluation/reactivity
to situations as if they pertained
to a separable entity (which is
seen as fictional). This noninvestment
and nonreactivity is not observable.
It's not a matter of being Mr. Spock.
A person may be laughing, crying,
speaking in an angry tone. There
isn't the sense that that person
contains a center that anchors awareness.
Because there isn't that sense, thoughts
aren't occurring around ideas such as
"this person is very important," "this
person must continue to exist (or should
not exist)", etc. Thoughts can occur,
and do. There are, however, always "gaps"
between thoughts in which timeless reality
*is* . As thought arises, timeless reality
yet *is*. So the sense of time has shifted.
Timelessness *is*, and thoughts don't construct
a sense of time around an individual entity
and pertaining to that entity. Nonetheless,
day to day communication about time and goals
can arise appropriately.


Andrew, perhaps you are familiar with thermodynamics. In order to say something
meaningful about a system, it has to be defined first: it is insulated from the
of the universe and then, one can say something meaningful about its behavior
in terms
of energy etc. - its relation(s) with the "rest" of that universe... Regarding
mind-body and its role, one can do the same: just a description to arrive at
what the
human mind is conditioned to consider as "meaningful". So it is a matter of
perspective and when the perspective is "wide enough" one could say "nothing
matters" or "everything adds up to zero". But as all manifestation is governed
laws, such a statement, although true, is rather useless, apart from cutting
conditioning :))



People want you to be happy.
Don't keep serving them your pain!

If you could untie your wings
and free your soul of jealousy.

you and everyone around you
would fly up like doves.

******* Rumi


~ Great giggles, Gene.


Funny! Funny? I'll show you 'funny'!

Marcia! Hey, now where do you 'get off', assuming that just because
somebody says something, that that somebody who said that, by saying
that, is saying also, that who is hearing, did not already know what
was being said? Huh? Huh?

And not only that, but is it not just a tad 'over the line' to also
assume that someone 'thinks they are so smart'? Please fax me a copy
of your graduation certificate from the "Institute of Mind Reading",
if you 'think' you know what others think! I would rethink that
thinking, thinks I!

Now let me tell you something, Marcia. You 'girls' can just stand
back, and be content just watching, as us 'guys' gather on the
commons, displaying our god-like physiques, togas draped to maximum
advantage, wreaths of laurel circling our high brows, as we
expostulate the creamiest profundities, to be elevated to the virtual
Olympus of Intellectual Valhallas, as we ride o'er the rainbow bridge
of Aesir, drawn by the magnificent white steeds of achievement, and
yes, the very gods themselves bow and make way, as our legions cross
that fabled threshold, to take our rightful places as the true
overseers and managers of the affairs (and thoughts) of one and all!
And of course, this is possible only because of us 'guys' incredible,
incomparable 'humility', without which we could be mistaken for mere
strutting, pompous asses. I am proud of my humility! You, Marcia,
could take a lesson; even a glance at our humility, should be a
humbling experience!

And I suppose, Marcia, that your 'definition of enlightenment' as it
applies to 'guys', would be that a man deserves that acclamation,
only if he remembers to put the toilet-seat back down? Does not this
assumption of yours, if it is as I suppose, fly in the face of the
centuries of 'guy' brilliance, such as being able to change the oil
in your iron chariot? To fix that drippy faucet? Not to mention, such
other vaunted accomplishments as WD-40, steel-wool, and rubber bands?
And what about zippers?

So when you see us 'guys', sitting around and scratching each-others
backs, as is revealed below, please allow that special flash of
brilliant light to permeate your cranium, thus to dispel any chronic
complaints you may entertain, as may pertain to our ('guys')
idiosyncrasies, foibles, shortcomings, or so-called 'flaws'. After
all, just how else would a 'diamond in the rough' (a favorite 'gal'
phrase) ever become that shining jewel, so craved by the esteemed
female of our species?

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