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Wednesday, October 4


my viewpoint is that we are not under the control of the DNA!!!
The body itself is a vehicle (after seeing a body, without
spirit/soul it is an empty shell), which is animated by "that"
or spirit or however you call it. Naturally the self can only
express through the body-mind system as available, so therefore
every being is unique and different. (what fun). All is "that"
in different phases of evolution and manifestation and it is the
way from the impersonal to the personal to the impersonal. The
dance from shiva and shakti. Movement and no movement. And
nothing ever happened. ... Love and sex is mystery and it is not
possible to conceptualise. For me sex is a ritual, a wholy union
and energy exchange and much much more. Yes this is a woman
speaking with multidimensional experience. Yeah, wow, coooool



If someone is believing the DNA myth, so be it - my experience
is different, knowing for instance that a "bad" gene will only
express itself under the proper conditions. It simply means one
can enjoy a good health and abundance of energy although one's
relatives are showing all the dreaded diseases a human can
possibly get, because their lifestyle allows for those "bad"
genes to express themselves... That isn't theory - my body is an

But I didn't comment in any way on love and sex: I merely
noticed some remarkable differences between humans and animals
in this respect. Some Rosicrucians and NH'ers go as far as to to
state that the continuous over-stimulation of the intestines
will cause sexual stimulation as well and for them that isn't
love but lust. Unless one is familiar with CR, NH etc. by
experience too, one cannot draw conclusions and then, there are
a few tribes with a somewhat different body-chemistry...

There doesn't have to be a contradiction between "spiritual" and
"scientific" perspectives: they can be complementary, like
contributing "karma of the past" to emotional memory. That is,
an event like abuse can make such an impression in the emotional
memory as to disable "normal" functioning. Without emotional
memory, the memory of "what happened" is intact but the
emotional impact has disappeared - one is free from the
influence of past impressions and new impressions aren't made
anymore, meaning "whatever happens is always new".

Of course no explanation "how it works" can take away the
mystery or diminish enjoyment - if it would be otherwise, all
gynecologists would be celibates :))



Old East` s body is marching through the hills!

The highest mountain in Germany is called Zugspitze, which is
2962 meters high. On my way to this tremendous mountain, I
visited the last building on the way upwards. It is called
Knorr-hut and it is under the hilltop in 2052 meters height. In
about five hours walk you can reach this hut from both sides,
Germany and Austria.

The 3rd October is a public holiday in Germany. People celebrate
the unification of south and eastern- Germany, which occurred 10
years ago. On this day the huts close. It is too cold and dark
too early.

The Knorr hut has electric current. Other huts use solar-energy
only. There the food is cooked with gas, what has to be flied up
by helicopters.

In the summer of 1972 and 1976 I lived as a shepherd in the
Austrian Alps in a small hut in 1860 metres with a wooden fire.
In this height it rains seldom. Misty cold clouds makes one
freeze. Rain changes to snow even in August. The night falls
early in October. At 7.30 p.m. It is so dark and cold outside,
that you have to stay in the hut. In the night it freezes.

On account of bad weather conditions only 20 people share the
big cold camp rooms under the roof tonight. From there you have
to go 43 stairs down to the bathroom at night. From a cold camp
a cold walk.

The letters to virtual friends are an entertainment to enjoy the
mind. On this Knorr-Hut ten fingers tenderly play on this cute,
little keyboard of a PSION-palmtop, like they played hundred of
pages before.

At 10.00 p.m. all people try to sleep in these Alps hut. Time to
sleep. Strange: people drink their beer at night, lay down and
start snoring. My body needs hours for getting warm under four
thick blankets. One shirt is wet from sweat. It will not be dry
by the morning. Therefore you need a shirt to change at night
and a flashlight, to find your mattress in the dark.

In the Alps-hut are no showers. You are happy, when you get
toilet-paper in the morning. In the morning after breakfast the
feet start walking. The shirt from the day before is still wet.
Does not matter. The feet find their way on the snow-slippery
ground automatically.

The energy flows through the body, the lounges breath thin air.
The heart-stroke is felt loudly up to the ears. All necessary
energy pulses through the body bathing in bliss and happiness.
Existence moves through a hollow bamboo, your body is an tool of
existence - not yours any longer.

The body tunes in to reach the Zugspitze. Every cell dances in
its own wisdom. No written letter or told story can share this

Now I am again together with my lovely daughter. In the height
of the Zugspitze angels told me a wonderful message: Dear East,
stop fighting and enjoy existence. Because of this message I
have changed to a calm, friendly and of course peaceful child of

Sunday, the 1st October

P.S.: My daughter corrected this letter, she added the title and
the last part.



Sandeep wrote:

Leaving the poker party late, as usual, two friends compared
notes. "I can never fool my wife." the first complained. "I turn
off the car's engine and coast into the garage, take off my
shoes, sneak upstairs, and undress in the bathroom. But she
always wakes up and yells at me for being out so late and
leaving her alone." "You got the wrong technique my friend." his
buddy replied. "I roar into the garage, slam the door, stomp up
the steps, rub my hand on her ass and say 'How about a little ?'
She always pretends to be asleep."

Melody wrote:


I wonder if that joke would be even half as funny if it weren't
so absolutely 'spot on' !?

When I was only 20 and newly married my husband was quickly
developing the habit of coming in after a 'night with the boys',
reeking of Miller's beer. I would scold him like a little boy,
and he would let me know in no uncertain terms that he was 'the
man' of the house, and would come and go as he pleased.

I could see it was the beginning of a very untenable situation,
so I sought out the help of an elderly neighbor lady I had grown
to respect.

After consulting this lady concerning my dilemma, the next time
he stumbled in at midnight I met him at the door with a
kiss......helped him off with his coat and boots....and led him
by hand into the kitchen where I had a late night supper warming
in the oven. He was so stunned and upset over my demeanor he
started crying......within minutes saying he needed my
help....that he didn't want to become a drunk and an 'oaf' like
his father was. :-)



Here's something I haven't seen before, "nonvolitional choice".
It is from Stanley Sobottka's "A Course In Consciousness" 7.7 and refers to
some ideas of Amit Goswami in "Self Aware Universe".


The pure quantum self is experienced as pure awareness, pure
presence, or pure subjectivity, in which there is no entity at
all, and which arises when the unconditioned quantum
wavefunction is first collapsed, or alternatively after
disidentification from the self-concept has occurred. Pure
awareness-presence is what we really are, and is the same as the
atman of Eastern philosophy, or the no-self of Buddhism. The
goal of all spiritual practice is to disidentify from the
fictitious I-entity and to realize our true nature.

We are now in a position to complete our discussion of freedom.
Goswami uses the term choice to mean the nonvolitional action of
nonlocal consciousness in selecting a particular possibility out
of the range of possibilities defined by the wavefunction.
(Choice is nonvolitional because there is no entity to exert
volitional choice.) Without identification, choice is free. With
identification, choice becomes limited. However, even as egos,
we are aware and we know that we are aware. Therefore
identification of awareness with the I-concept is never actually
complete, and this allows the possibility of disidentification
from the false self.

We found in Chapter 5 that freedom of choice does not exist in a
separate entity. Therefore, even if the ego were real it would
still not have the freedom to choose. However, because the ego
is nothing but a fictional self concept, it does not even exist
as an entity. Therefore its freedom is doubly fictitious. All
choice is the nonvolitional choice of nonlocal consciousness,
and complete freedom is the experience of unconditioned,
disidentified pure awareness-presence, the quantum self.



You may have those fears and feelings of inadequecy for the rest
of this lifetime. And it doesn't matter a lick. It is totally
irrelevent. If need be a good therapist can help with all that
stuff. In fact most people on a spiritual path could use a good
therapist now and again. What does matter is that we treat those
around us with kindness, generosity and compassion regardless of
what feelings, or emotions happen to be arising at any
givmoment. Even when we are totally out of touch with that
"abiding love". It really doesnt matter if we are in touch with
that or not. What matters is what we DO. Not what we feel,
think, believe or emote. By the way, this is actually good news,
not bad.



My soul is everywhere and nowhere. Ii is in you as we have the
same soul. My poetry I have sent in a song. "Words, words,
words, I'm so sick of words." My poetry is in the silence, in
the trees, on the lakes, in the rivers, it is in the self.

I may be a barbarian, an uncultured lout, such is my lot.


Please do not put words in my mouth. I have already found it. It
fills me, it surrounds me, it nourishes me. I am waiting to wake
up from the dream.


There is an infinite number of things to fear. I suggest laying
down, closing your eyes and invite the fear in. Invite all of
it, full force. When you do this you may feel fear for awhile
and then it will be gone. Keep it up. Make fear your friend.
Fear cannot remain in the light of awareness. There is nothing
to be afraid of, nothing. Who cares what others think of you.
you must be true to you.


It is important what we do but in the long run it is more
important what we think. Mark will not have that fear all his
life. It is these self defeating thoughts that hurt us. One need
only turn to the source and all of the trash will be burnt up.


Experience, theory, it does not matter. There is too much talk
here. It confuses us. It keeps the mind spinning. Forget
experience, forget theory, forget everything. Just dive deep
into silence.



Can we cultivate kindness, can we cultivate to be generous, can
we cultivate to be compassionate?

Would that be authentic compassion, kindness?

Or is true compassion, kindness, a consequence, a flavour of
one's beingness, the very milieu of one's beingness.

And then whether the mood is compassionate or not, somebody
coming within the ambit of that milieu, would only experience
compassion, would he not?



Marcia Paul wrote: I confuse myself. The point of confusion is
about concrete experience and abstract theory.

If anyone understands my confusion, I would appreciate input.
This is somewhat in the nature of a 'burning question.'


Michael wrote:

I appreciate your situation.

On the one hand the teaching tells us that all is an illusion,
maya. Taken to heart this can mean that everything is part of
that maya. Bliss, enlightenment, and awakening can be seen as
illusion, also.

On the other hand the teaching tells us that all is Buddha
nature. Twelve hundred years ago Tsung-mi said: "The Hung-chou
school asserts that our arousing the mind and moving thoughts,
snapping the fingers, moving the eyes, etcetera, is wholly the
activity of Buddha nature itself, and not the movement of
anything else. In a word, the entirity of our wanting something,
getting angry at something, or arousing the passions - whether
good or evil, pleasurable or painful - is all Buddha nature. For
example, just as from wheat flour are made noodles, crackers,
and carious other foods, is is every single one of thes products
still the same wheat flour."

My experience mirrors this. When the viel dropped from my eyes I
saw that indeed we are all that thing that we seek. I was
astounded and a little chagrined. IT had been here all along.

Life up until that 'awakening' had been full of passion and
drama and a deep attachement to it all. Now, life is still full
of passion and drama. Only the attachement to the drama and its
outcome is practically lessened. I never get upset in heavy
traffic anymore! :-)

There is still an appearance or 'flavor' of Michael here. That
comes with the history I suppose. It is alright to be a
'character' in this wonderful existance.

I have a theory. The I AM so enjoys being people that IT
persists in maintaining the illusion of separateness. Just a

I now live my life with compassion, gentleness and love. If ones
delivers a single blow to another's head, then ten thousand
blows land on one's own head. If one delivers a single act of
compassion, the rewards cannot be measured.

Love and kindness to you, Marcia.


Peace - pie is good - Michael



it is so important to take every opportunity to present oneself
honestly, even at risk of appearing in a way that displeases
others. Posting to this list is a perfect example of opportunity
to develop fully the identity, in the way that you describe. And
a harmless experience, to allow ripening of identity, and
eventual falling away of identity, through this 'trial by fire'
of public speaking, and being willing to take the consequences
of embarrassment or humiliation. By persistence, even one who
resolutely defends cherished identity will eventually encounter
effective mirroring and thus insight. Really, there is nothing
to defend. When this is seen, fun can be had.

But beyond fun, is nourishment of other, with the compassion
which one has given to self.

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