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Highlights #504

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Wednesday, October 18


Wow! What happened to the 200 post
days? There were lots of posts
involving personal confrontation;
they're not included.


All places of worship are symbols
of the One Beloved.
Bow your head when you see a temple,
and salute when you see a mosque.

When the flowers of the church, mosque
temple gather together,
Spring will blossom forth
in Your garden, O Lord.

-- Sant Darshan Singh,
"A Tear And A Star,"
SK Publications (from James Bean)


Carlos (Dwa) is a master storyteller and poet.

Here below is one of my favorites of his: --Melody


"In the end -you must know what you are doing.
Yet you cannot know it as you know a formula or technique.
It cannot be a method or a ceremony.
Yet it must be biologically sacred.

It must be the enactment of your highest internal aspiration
without formulation by the mind.
It must be an enhancement,
an extension of awareness
of the transcendent medium,
a luminous flow of consciousness
into the vector of bliss.

When this movement is apparent
it is a natural thing.
It is a thing that is a mystery,
yet the potential within
knows what to do.
You must enjoyin it.
Enjoin it with all the purity of
passion for the highest good for all.

So receive the kiss
from the living beyond,
and unfold in time apparent
-into time sublime.

Realize once more
the heart of innocence
and let that which you find
unseemly in yourself
blow away in that gracious breeze
that flows forth from eternity.

No larva can know it's goal
no seed it's flower,
no aspirant the form and nature
of that for which they long."



I'm too busy living NOW. Why should I try to twist my mind into
the unbelievable shapes of thoughts about no-mind? Why should I
exhaust my mind in trying to transcend itself?

The examples you give are modern Koans - only camouflaged as
truth. Thruth is not in the Koans, the Koans intend to bring the
mind to it's knees.

But you (and many others in the NDS) repeat the Koans as if they
contain any substance, as if it created something valuable, when
they are repeated in all different shapes and colors.

When the mind is on it's knees there is no use for any Koan
anymore - except perhaps to test whether the other is asleep or

But the fact, that you (and many others in the NDS) are so
persistently clinging to the nondual talks, questions and
answers, is telling it's own story.

And the way you are doing it - giving each other attention and
confirming the ones who happen to have the same opinion as
oneself - is shouting the same story from every second email.

Mutual confirmation.

You are not free from "nonduality".



The truth I see is that there either is the intent to maintain
the continuity of the observer-entity or that intent is not

If there is, there is the seeking of the observer to be right,
to define others to play off against, to demonstrate having
something. It's then me against you, me against not-me.

This drama thrives on drama, replicates tensions.

All this activity keeps "me" going, keeps the drama of something
against nothing.

Without that focus on "something", on the "other", there is just
this space.

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