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#5083 - Tuesday/Wednesday, November 12-13, 2013 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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This announcement from Scott Kiloby looks exciting. I attended a weekend retreat with Scott recently and he offers a powerful methodology for addressing addictions of all kinds, whether to a drug, a behavior, or to the hockey game in the head.

Weeklong Retreat at NEW "Kiloby Center for Recovery"
-with Scott Kiloby & Staff


I'm so excited to announce the opening of our NEW Kiloby Center for Recovery near Palm Springs, California! The Center officially opens in February but we are conducting a pre-opening weeklong retreat in the last week of January for anyone interested in taking the Living Inquiries as deep as they can go. 

One thing, among many, that excites me about the prospect of having a Center is the ongoing, daily support we will be able to provide those suffering from addiction. However, this retreat will contain the same degree of ongoing daily support and deepening. And you don't have to be suffering from addiction to attend the retreat. Anyone and everyone are welcome! The facilitators and I will guide you into whatever is happening for you, whatever suffering seems to keep you from truly tasting the most direct freedom and stabilized peace. 

This is my first weeklong retreat, ever. And to have it take place at the new Center is just perfect. I've been saying a lot lately that when these Inquiries are used for an extended period (like a week), they just work so much better. People really get a taste of what I've known for years about this work and what the facilitators have come to know through their intensive training. This work is like "spirituality on steroids," as Jed McKenna said. A thorough dose can change everything. Come join us and see for yourself!

Here's the link for more info:

And thanks for your continuing interest in my work!
Much love,

Scott Kiloby


The following is from David Hodges' nonduality page on Reddit

David is one of the founders of Nonduality Salon, the first independent discussion group on nonduality.

A reader asks, "What do NonDualists believe". My attempt at an answer.

by David Hodges

What do non-dualists believe?

Here's a bare-bones outline. NonDualism derives from the Hindu Advaita Vedanta school of philosophy, but similar realizations are found in all spiritual traditions.

1) The spirit in an individual person is divine.

2) The divine spirit is not a creator god, but rather an Absolute Consciousness that is the source and becoming of all that is.

3) The divine spirit is not different from the individual spirit.

4) The personal self is not a solid thing, but a collection of processes and perceptions and mental processes that people mistake for their personal self.

5) Everyone's consciousness is a reflection of Presence, which is often called "I" or "I AM". This presence is a reflection of the divine Absolute consciousness and can be reached via meditation or spontaneous moments of insight. This Presence, within each one of us, was there before our birth and will survive after our death. No matter the vicissitudes of our life, the Presence that is "I AM" says the same.

6) Radical NonDualists will say that everything is an illusion, or Maya, and that everything we this is personal and of our own selves is an illusion. This is a powerful idea which manifests in many of Philip K Dick's books, in the Matrix movies, and in the Reggie Watts quote (

7) Finally, the term NonDuality itself is from the Sanskrit "Advaita", and means "Not Two". It means that the individual spirit and the divine spirit are not two different things. It means that all dualities are in reality aspects of the same stuff but at different points on a spectrum.

This is obviously a huge topic. Implications and parallels are found in the arts, in psychotherapy, in science, and, of course, in spirituality. It should be emphasized that NonDuality is not a religion and there is no creed or testament, no clergy, no official bodies. If anything, it is a tool or technology to aid in reaching self-realization.

~ ~ ~

David Hodges is one of the most innovative people in nonduality circles. We'll be featuring an exclusive written interview with David in the next few weeks.

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