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#5102 – Tuesday, December 3, 2013 – Editor: Jerry Katz

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Tim Gerchmez

Let 'freedom from ego' take you by surprise. Don't check on yourself, and in particular -- don't compare. The tendency to compare oneself to others has to go, in order to be free of the separate self. The real is incomparable -- one without a second. Think as if you were the only one in the world... allow the 'out there' to go away, dissolve. Only the here and now matters when it comes to awakening. All the words are yours, and all the world is yours if only you cease to compare and contrast.
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Tim is an active contributor on the Nonduality Highlights group on Facebook, which all are welcome to join:

Radio Notes:
Nonduality Network Talk Radio will be broadcasting live Wednesday, December 4, between 12:30 and 1:30PM Eastern Time, and may be heard at My guest will be Lynn Fraser who writes, " We'll be talking about nonduality, the mind, PTSD, meditation and how all of this integrates into daily life. We'll  experience a taste of Scott Kiloby's Living Inquiries." 
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If anyone wants to send me an audio clip of anything related to nonduality, up to about 3 minutes, I'll play it next week, December 11. Send a song, a rant, a poem, a spoken word clip, your definition of nonduality, just about anything. 

Randall Friend is active on Facebook:
Here is his most recent post:
Vedanta calls it "Moksha" - the dispelling of illusion or removing ignorance - that seems rather challenging but it really isn't.  

There is an illusion that the world is something apart from yourself - ignorance of yourself is really the idea that you are something independent - something which has independent existence.  

If we really look at the idea that we are something which comes about ane w - an existence which begins and later ends - we might see that this idea is really silly. How can existence begin and end? Isn't it really just the pattern or form that comes and goes? What the pattern or form IS doesn't actually come or go. 

So through this inquiry or honest questioning of our assumptions about existence, we might discover that the transient pattern called "ME" comes and goes - and that is what we've identified with. Therefore we believe that WE have come and will go. Seeing this, we at once realize our mistake - WHAT we are didn't change but our IDEA of WHAT we are changes. We no longer identify with that transient experience called "ME" although that "ME" can continue along just fine.

We discover that our identity was falsely placed with something that isn't real - or better said - that expression is just a transient expression of something that IS real. So our identity is properly aligned with what is REAL and not with something that is transient.

Moksha isn't a new, cool mental state. It's liberation from the false identification. That liberation includes the knowledge that the transient continues along just fine - there is no longer an attachment to it. That is called freedom or liberation. You were actually ALWAYS free. You just didn't know it. So freedom is finding that you were free all along.

Moksha is a word which refers to the eventual dispelling of identification with a transient existence - it isn't a new state but a liberation from the false idea about WHAT you actually ARE.
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Randall is the author of You Are No Thing:

Colin Drake writes in his newsletter:
Dear Fellow Explorers, The other day I attended an inspiring satsang with Gangaji, who was instrumental in my first awakening in 1996. She always tries to avoid well used words such as :enlightenment, awareness, awakening, God etc. as she feels these words have too much 'baggage' associated with them. So although Awareness and Awakening are central to my writings I was inspired to do the same whilst musing on The Absolute early one morning: 

Musing on The Absolute


Early I was driven out of my bed,

Musing on the wondrous Godhead,

Intimating that things must be said,

Before this body is ‘brown bread’*.


For too long words have been proscribed,

As the Absolute cannot be described,

But now That urged it’s time I tried,

So that Its peace and love may be imbibed.


For only That does not come and go,

Being the substratum in which all things flow,

The screen where thoughts and sensations show,

By viewing which our minds can know.


The constant, conscious, subjective presence,

Our vital, inner, unmoving essence,

By which all beings have sentience,

Eternal, never needing to commence.


Full of peace and quietness,

All things arise at That’s behest,

Ephemeral vibrations filled with its zest,

Displaying therein before returning to rest.


From This everything is derived,

In which all reside and are spied,

Back into which they must subside,

When out of steam … the end of the ride.


This is ever still and serene,

Radiant, pure and pristine,

By which manifestation is seen,

Unaffected by what is or has been.


The home from which we never depart,

Our fundamental, essential heart,

If from this you feel apart,

One day you’ll wake up with a start.


To That which you can never leave,

Thus there is no need to grieve,

Just do not let your mind deceive,

By the egoic thoughts it may weave.


Direct experience investigate,

To discover That by which you sensate,

Present in every phenomenal state,

Not acquired but totally innate.


For This there needs no preparation,

The source of all with no deviation,

The unmanifest in manifestation,

Just Love which is ‘ no separation’.



*Cockney rhyming slang for ‘dead’.


Colin Drake's books are available for immediate download at

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