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#5109 – Wednesday, December 12, 2013 – Editor: Jerry Katz

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Here’s the most recent Nonduality Network Talk Radio show, featuring James Traverse. We talk about his encounters with Dr. Jean Klein and the associated teachings. A poem by James Wright is read and discussed. A couple of audio clips by Vicki Woodyard are played but due to technical issues they will have to be re-played in a future show.



In yesterday’s issue I quoted Osho, and internet nonduality pioneer Sarlo wrote to tell me yesterday was Osho’s birthday!

I suppose for the last several years Osho has become an industry. So for his birthday I’m going to type out something from a small pamphlet, The Eternal Message, first published in 1972, around the time he started to attract thousands of followers. I bought this small book of 39 pages at the Bodhi Tree used bookstore for 40 cents quite a while back. There’s one used copy on Here’s something from it by Osho, then known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh:

The Eternal Message: [a collection of thirty immortal letters written by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh to Ma Yoga Bhakti, New York, U.S.A., now Ma Ananda Pratima, World President of Neo-Sannyas International] Second Edition: November, 1973 — 3000 copies. Printed in India.

2013-12-12 04.09.12

Truth Can not be Transferred

beloved bhakti,

Love. Truth is never second-hand.
It can not be transferred.
One has to know it and be it oneself.
That is why all tradition falsifies it.
And all scriptures.
And all words.
And in the end it is nothing but the soup of Mulla Nasrudin.
But first I must tell you a story.

A kinsman came to see Nasrudin from the country and brought a duck. Nasrudin was grateful, had the bird cooked and shared it with the guest.

Presently another visitor arrived. “I am a friend,” he said, “of the man who gave you the duck.” Nasrudin fed him as well.

This happened several times. Nasrudin’s house had become like a restaurant for out-of-town visitors. Everyone was a friend at some removes, of the original donor of the duck.

Finally Nasrudin was exasperated. One day there was a knock at the door and a stranger appeared. “I am the friend of the friend of the friend of the man who brought you the duck from the country,” he said.

“Come in,” said Nasrudin.

They seated themselves at the table, and Nasrudin asked his wife to bring the soup.

When the guest tasted it, it seemed to be nothing more than warm water. “What sort of soup is this?” he asked the Mulla.

“That,” said Nasrudin, “is the soup of the soup of the soup of the soup of the duck.”



Here’s one more from The Eternal Moment (the bold type and punctuation are contained in the original text)

Hey, I just found the entire book online here, so whereas I typed the above passage, I’m cheating and just copying and pasting (although I have to admit I enjoyed the typing as I sit here at 4 in the morning. You really don’t want to be copying and pasting stuff like this at 4 o’clock in the morning; it’s too much like Nasrudin’s soup):

Letter: 22/The Seeker Dissolves in Awareness

beloved bhakti,

Love. it is very easy to progress from one illusion to another.
Because, no foundational transformation is needed.
There is no shaking of the foundations.
Because, you remain the same.
So the real problem is not to change the objects of desire. 
From the worldly to the other-worldly.
But to transform oneself.
Not to change the seeking.
But to change the seeker.
Otherwise the problem remains as it is–only it takes new
But how to change the seeker?
First find it out–where it is and what it is. 
And then you will come to know a hidden secret, that the
seeker exists only until it is not sought.
And when someone goes to search it out–it is never found.
It exists only in ignorance.
And in darkness.
In awareness it is not.
And this realization of NO-SELF is the jump.
Jump into the unknown.
Jump into the Truth.



Alright, I’m hanging around Nasrudin’s table waiting for his wife to make me a chili dog and since I’m such a good copier and paster, here is another letter. But first here is a photo of Rajneesh on the back cover of The Eternal Message:

2013-12-12 04.09.25

Letter: 29/Childish Answers about the Ultimate Reality

beloved bhakti,

Love. Metaphysics is born out of childish curiosity.
So howsoever sublime, it remains juvenile.
And all the ultimate answers are foolish in a way
Because the ultimate is not only unknown, it is unknowable.
A mature mind is one who understands the impossibility of
knowing the ultimate.
And, with this understanding, there is a new dimension.
The dimension of BEING.
Knowing is not possible, but BEING is. 
Or in other words, in relation to the Ultimate only, Being
This dimension is the religious dimension.
And unless one is religious in this sense, one goes on asking
absurd questions and accumulating even more absurd answers.

In a little backwoods school the teacher was at the black-
board explaining arithmetic problems. She was delighted to see
her dullest pupil giving slack-jawed attention, which was unusual
for him. Her happy thought was that, at last, the gangling lad
was beginning to understand.
When she finished, she said to him, “you, were so interested,
Cicero, that I am sure you want to ask some questions?”
“Yes’m.” drawled Cicero, “I got one to ask. Where do
these figures go when you rub them off?”


~ ~ ~

Read more from The Eternal Message here:

a pdf version is here:,%20The%20Eternal%20Message.pdf

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