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#5114 - Monday, December 16, 2013 - Editor: Gloria Lee
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In Memory of Samuel Pasiencier
Today in Amersfoort
I am very sorry to share the news that my father 
passed away a few hours ago from an upper 
respiratory infection and heart failure. He will be 
deeply missed. ~Rebecca Rothey
Sam was a beloved presence on Nonduality Salon and other groups for many years.
A Poem by Sam, taken from Eye to 'I' article in Amigo.
Hey Mister, Take My Picture
Morning and evening seem to be the very best times to take
photographs. The light is long and glancing, warm with the rays of
sunlight almost saying: 'Here. Look, look at this. See me here.'
This scene met me one morning when I opened my door onto the hall.
A moment in time, caught by the morning light. The next instant the
figures move, the scene changes.
In fact 'I' was attracted at first only by the fall of the light.
Existence placed the figures where they were, wove that momentary
Our eyes are needed by existence in order for it to see itself. In a
sense that is existence looking at itself. Or to use that much
overused word god looking at God and that is worship, existence
worshipping itself.
Love is attention. Attention is love.
The maker is visible in its creation. Our eyes are there to see that.
And only our eyes can see that.
'You see', invites this stream, 'I hide nothing from you, I reveal my
presence by my light.'
And sometimes some bit of presence says like an eager kid:
'Hey Mister. Take my picture'.
~ Samuel Pasiencier
Sam Pasiencier, June 2003
#1510 - Friday, August 1, 2003 - Editor: Gloria
to read  Eye to 'I' in full:
or go to 
to download Word version with more photos.
[Thanks to Kia Pierce for saving and re-posting this bit today.]

Sam Pasiencier Photography 9/25/13
Ed Note: Sam took many pictures of leaves on various pavements, and dozens more
were presented in The Nonduality Highlights over the years.

Guru Sam: In honor of Sam Pasiencier
If I thought I knew you
You remained a mystery.
For you came from light
And kept trying to get back there.
Your laughter ever after.
The folks you loved.
The jokes you made
The wisdom and honesty
That were your trade.
I miss you but I know
the score. You can't one-up
me any more.
I wish you could and that's no lie.
I don't want to say good bye.
A little song, a little dance,
A little seltzer down your pants.
You were king of many hearts.
Now we are no more apart.
Vicki Woodyard

If a stump could talk would he tell of all the
branches, leaves and birds of summers long ago?   
Oh, can you see? He wants to, he wants to! 
 poem and photo by Sam Pasiencier
#2402 - Friday, February 24, 2006 - Editor: Gloria Lee

 from Advahut Gita   
47. We're not a problem to be solved, there's no prize for a winning
story. Close the book and exhale. There is nothing broken, nothing to
48. Oh mind, why struggle? Fall into the heart, drown in the ocean of
your own bliss! Let what happens happen, yours is none of this!
49. Not the fruit of a tended vine, I am not what changes. Source of
sweetness and thirsting both, spilt wine drops lifting into air,
Love's own intoxication.
50. Neither formless or form, inconspicuous in my own absence, the
true word is "Silence". Before we knew, we all knew it.
51. Nothing to cling to, nothing to grasp, why wander, restless,
dear mind? Relax!
posted by Sam Pasiencier to nondualnow  
#2345 - Sunday, December 18, 2005 - Editor: Gloria Lee

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