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#5124 – Ken Wapnik – SAND – Gurudatta

The Nonduality Highlights - Saturday, December 28, 2013

Editor: Jerry Katz


Ken Wapnick has passed away

Time is an illusion, with Ken Wapnick

One of the big themes of the Course [In Miracles] is that time is an illusion, so there’s no past. In fact, I like to define “memory” as “a present decision of the Mind projecting into a nonexistent past.” And so we hold onto memory because that’s what establishes that the world is a terrible place that has done terrible things to me. Well the world is a terrible place in terms of it being made as an attack on God as the Course says.

But what does it have to do with me? I’m a Mind; I’m not a Body. So that’s the key element to this Course; the whole idea of this Course can be said as being that it leads us on a journey from the mindless to the mindful. The world is a place of mindlessness because we think we’re brains and bodies so we don’t know we have a Mind. And if we don’t know we have a Mind, how can we possibly change it?

So what Jesus does in this Course is lead us on this journey from the mindless, which is the world of bodies and where we think we are, to the Mind, so that we can recognize that this is indeed a dream, we are the dreamer of the dream, and because we are the dreamer we could change the dream.

Not having invested in changing the form of the dream because that’s changing nothing. It’s changing the Source of the dream – from the Wrong-Minded Ego thought system of separation to the Holy Spirit’s Right-Minded thought system of forgiveness and healing. That’s the shift, that’s the changing of the dream.

It has nothing to do with making the world a better place, making ourselves more happy in the dream; it’s all about changing from the Ego’s nightmares of attack and death to the Holy Spirit’s happy dreams of forgiveness. That’s where Peace is found.

And once we experience that Peace, anger not only is not justified, anger is impossible! Anger separates. Forgiveness and healing reminds us that we’re all One. That’s why anger is never justified. It says we are separated. That’s what Ego wants us to believe.

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The Science and Nonduality Conference 2014

SAND is about exploring and rediscovering the story of who we are from our micro cellular appearance to the macro cosmological prospective looking for the “glue” that connects it all and is pointing to that which makes all those appearances possible.

The SAND14 topic of entanglement represents fully this exploration. Entanglement points to a force that animates the particles and creates the appearance of universal interdependence, it is instantaneous and nonlocal, because it contains all time and all space. We will be exploring and acknowledging the appearance of a separate particle (or individual) while looking at the underlining force that breaths life into it making life appear as a nexus of conditions in which everything simultaneously depends upon.

In our longing to understand we need to go beyond duality and nonduality seeing and perceiving each phenomena, each organism, both as an independent AND as integral part of the whole.

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