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#5128 – Susan Zurawski & Cure of Her MS Affliction Via Yoga – Rich Texture of Yoga – Kiloby Center

The Nonduality Highlights - January 1, 2014 - Editor: Jerry Katz

Happy new year everybody.

Susan Zurawski talks about how she got into Yoga at the advice of her neurologist when she was stricken with a case of multiple sclerosis that left her paralyzed and nearly blind on the left side of her body. Susan talks about the power of Yoga not only for physical well being, but for psychological, mental, and spiritual benefits.

This conversation explores many layers of Yoga and living and is indeed satsang itself. The Ashtanga eight-fold path is discussed in some detail with the bridge between Yoga and nonduality described.

James Traverse joins us. So much more is covered!

- Susan’s long running Yoga class, which is free, inviting donation to a food bank.

- The nature of welcoming, space, and presence within the unfolding and teaching of a basic Yoga class.

- Witnessing, self-inquiry, and the nondual aspect of Yoga.

- Ram Dass, The Bhagavad Gita, Yogananda, Sharron Gannon and Jivamukti Yoga, the Ramayana.

- King Lear, e e cummings.

- Ahimsa as non-violation of natural order and the implications of that definition.

- Impressions of India, Yoga as life, Yoga asanas, the Yoga of sound, the meaning of OM, authentic Yoga practice.

- Ramana Maharshi, J. Krishnamurti.

- What is nonduality?, the third eye, the chakra system, kundalini yoga, pranayam.

- Yoga and diet, being vegan, vegan chocolate mousse recipe.

- Bikram Yoga, art and science.

- The free expression of Yoga in this conversation as a celebration and itself a teaching of Yoga.

Listen here:


Launch of Natural Rest for Addiction and the Kiloby Center for Recovery

Hello Friends:

The Natural Rest for Addiction book and site have been launched!

This has been quite an ongoing labor of love for many years. I’m so happy to have this available for everyone now!

The best place to start is the site at You’ll find many resources there, including the book, free videos, audios, news feed, private chat room, access to facilitators and much more. I want this site to truly be a community of people supporting one another in this new way of recovery. The book, titled “Natural Rest for Addiction, A Revolutionary Way to Recover through Presence” is available on the site in print form now. The Kindle version will be released in the next couple of weeks. I will notify you of its release through a subsequent newsletter. And I would appreciate a review on Amazon if you find the book helpful.

I am also happy to announce the opening of the new Kiloby Center for Recoveryin Palm Springs, California on February 3, 2014. You can access information about the Center through the Natural Rest site or by going straight I am working full time at the Center for at least the first six months of 2014. If you or someone you know is experiencing addiction, come participate with us at the Center. You don’t have to be experiencing addiction to join us at the Center. Everyone is welcome! If you are just wanting to dive more deeply with my Living Inquiries on any issues including depression, anxiety, relationship stuff or even general unhappiness, come explore with me at the Center. And yes, addiction includes the addictive seeking after awakening. Natural Rest can bring about the end of seeking in all its forms, and an abiding in the simple peace and now of the present moment. You can contact me at the Center at [email protected].

Thanks for your undying patience during the time in which we have put the finishing touches on the site and book. I hope this work helps you as much as it has me and so many others!

All the best to you and yours,

Scott Kiloby

Explore the Natural Rest site!

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