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Highlights #513

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Correction to Wednesday, October 25 hilites

It occurred to me that when I edited Ed's letter I completely reversed
his meaning, so here it is again! Enjoy!



The question that arose with me ... was whether the 'unlimited'
self as pure awareness, or the 'separate' body-mind self, can
really exsist as such. It seems to me that what is being *heard*
on NDS was that it was not possible; it had to be one or the

What is becoming evermore clear to me lately, is that there is a
Self which is neither and both. This is seen as a Self aware of
the *actions* of the body-mind which then temporarily identifies
with or becomes those actions...while the body-mind becomes
obscured, though not unreal. The artist and athlete 'losing' the
Self in their activity, comes to mind.

But the termination of activity, certain interactions, and
reactions can curtail this very awareness; this curtailment of
awareness narrows to a 'frequency' of inner sensation which is
identified as the body-mind self. The Self which notices this
interplay between awareness per se and its reformation as inner
sensation is the 'neither and both' self to which I referred.

An interesting point here is when the body-mind comes to a place
of stillness and disengages from its reference to linear
reality. Then the Self cannot see the body-mind, since it can
only see its actions in the linear realm. Thus the body-mind is
temporarily obscured and becomes the stillness. I think this
might be called samahdi.

So what is this Self that is neither pure awareness nor the
body-mind? It is the Self that functions in the world but is not
of the world.

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