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#5133 - Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - Edited by Jerry Katz


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Interview with Morgan Caraway:

Download link:

Photos include Morgan, his partner Mary Jane Keneipp, and various friends.

Morgan Caraway writes, "I feel like part of my job right now is to help wake my human brothers and sisters up to our oneness with the planet in an attempt to help put an end to a lot of the crazy, self-destructive things we've been doing to the biosphere. This isn't whimsical, naive thinking--this is undeniable fact and hard science. Nature won't be ignored. It's in our faces daily. Our activities are causing climate chaos. It's time to wake up, get real and take action. If not us, then who?"


Sustainability in light of the interconnectedness with the planet. Power of ego and the belief that we're separate and the irony that egoic-based groups enjoy the feeling of "being one."

Role of methane as 30 to 100 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

Living at peace with the planet. "We've been test-driving the ego."

Milestones in the unfolding toward nondual awareness, including encounters with John Wheeler and at the One-derful gathering.

Ashville, North Carolina, discussed.

Morgan's books and their offerings on ecology and spiritual self-reliance.

Identifying with nondual ideas as a clinging to concepts.

Event of the death of Morgan's stepdad.

Life as letting go and just living.

Necessity of concepts in functional living.

We lose sight of being and focus on ideas about it.

The meaning of natural living.

Jarring events about methane and news that he is about to become a father.

We are undeniably connected.

Who is the audience? How are you reaching out?

Van dwelling and RV community as example of living sustainably, frugally, minimalistically, and simply.

Use of solar energy. Morgan's use of sustainable practices such as solar power and propane, use of efficient appliances, composting of human manure.

"I'm worried about our species and I'm worried about other species."

"Our first lesson should be that we are interconnected with the planet." Pushing against the military/industrial/right-wing-religious complex.

Release of methane associate with global warming, and global warming causing the release of methane.

Community building. Work of David Hodges. The Ropers.

Bob Wells' work on living in a vehicle and being happier by living a life that isn't fixed.

"I want to share the urgency. ... The ego thing is a lie."

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