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#5138 – Thank You Aitzaz Hasan
Nonduality Highlights - Editor: Gloria Lee

Thank You Aitzaz Hasan

by inalig
For teaching me what it means to be a human being. For 
jarring me out of my overpriced, overprivileged stupor and 
reminding me of what's important. For being the bravest 
fuckin person I will never meet.
When you're mentioned in the news or social media it's to 
push some narrative or the other: PTI supporters link your 
death to the drone strikes, anti-PTI supporters to PTI's 
lack of action against the Taliban, you are labeled as being 
so much more heroic than that stupid Malala, the 
government is blamed for not honoring you fast enough, and 
on and on, until all possible permutations from within the 
quagmire of Pakistani politics are exhausted. The media 
vultures squaw at each other around these issues on their 
high pitched, rabid talk shows, and ask 'what more could we 
have done', when really all they mean is 'how do we twist 
this story to further the narrative we're getting paid for'. 
And of course, suicide bombers the world over are way 
pissed at you.
But that's typical. Everyone just wants to push forward 
their own agendas, for which you are but a dead pawn, a 
talking point, a showpiece. They miss the real magic of what 
you were all about, because in their insular pursuit of 'The 
Story', they've forgotten what humanity means. They 
obfuscate the real lessons in an attempt to put the next guy 
Because the truth, at it's bare-bones, is that you were 
simply a kid, man. A 9th grader. Yet a total rockstar. I've 
always known people like you were out there, kings and 
queens and giants amongst men, toiling away in little towns, 
accepting your lot in life, yet putting the rest of us to total 
shame just by virtue of your rockstarness. Of course all we 
can do is chatter about the 'Big Picture'. We find it too 
hard to come to terms with the incredible nature of your 
basic humanity.
You saved your friends by tackling a suicide bomber and 
forcing him to detonate.
That blows my mind. I can see it now, big kid that you were, 
one bearhug from you would have stopped that bastard in 
his tracks. He had no other option but premature 
detonation. And that was that for the both of you. Disaster 
averted, mission failed, hero lost.
I've put myself in your shoes many times. And truth be 
told, I would not have done what you did. I would have made 
noise, made some phone calls to friends inside to get out, 
but kept my distance. I would have assisted in the relief 
effort later on, dragging bodies out of the rubble. I would 
have attended the funerals of my class-fellows, my 
teachers, my friends. I would have lingered on, scarred for 
the rest of my days by the haunting sense that I could have 
done more.
But you, you saved your friends by tackling a suicide 
bomber and forcing him to detonate.
I have no words for that. Thinking about it fills me with 
pride and leaves me teary eyed at the same time. You 
represent the best of the best of what this country can 
produce, kid from 9th grade from a school in Hangu. And 
you are no more.
So all I can say is thank you, Aitzaz Hasan. Thank you for 
giving me hope and reminding me that bowing down or 
fighting is the only thing we have to decide when faced with 
conflict. Thank you for teaching me what's important in this 
little fart of a life: courage, goodness, selflessness, loyalty, 
friendship. And what's unimportant: ego, selfishness, 
material gains, petty disputes, fear. Thank you for 
reminding me of everything I love about the Pashtuns, those 
human cocktails of brash, valiant positive energy. Thank 
you for giving me something to aspire to.
If I am ever in that situation I'm going to do what you did, 
Aitzaz. Simply to honor the memory of the bravest fuckin' 
human I will never meet.
Rest in peace my brother. You earned it.

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