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photo: Miriam

Miriam Louisa Simons, artist, poet, and creator of several exquisite blogs of non-dual wisdom, has contributed an intimate personal account of her ever-unfolding realization in the current is of ONE the Magazine. There she takes the reader on a personal journey of deep spiritual investigation and relentless inquiry, from early childhood experiences of “unbounded spacious knowing,” to the free fall later in life that painfully annihilates all pretense of “little Queen me,” to what she refers to as “the alchemy of emptying,” and the miracle of humility, compassion, and gratitude that now permeate her everyday life.

Here is an excerpt:

“. . . fast forward to the new millennium and I’m in Queensland, Australia. It’s Easter, 2002. If you could peek through the window of my small sanctuary this is what you’d see:

A small, weary, middle-aged woman sits on a zafu. She is crippled by an old injury that will soon require surgery. She is thousands of miles from her work, her colleagues, her friends and her sangha. Her brilliant life seems reduced to ashes.

She is withdrawn but not sorrowful for she accepts her circumstances, and she deeply loves the two sweet friends – her parents – she has crossed the world to care for in their ancient age.

She has inquired deeply into life’s mysteries and questions. She has been blessed to be taught and mentored by great souls. The zafu is her friend.

She stops – perforce. She sits. She stays. This time there is no escape.

Bereft of all the notions of who she took herself to be, how her life should be, how the world should be and how she should fix it all, there was space, silence and stillness.

It was a spacious silence and stillness that she recognized. She knew it intimately as a small girl and it had never left her for a moment as she journeyed through the days of her life. She had spent her entire life gathering information and verification about this state-that-can’t-be-experienced. But now life had turned her towards it by cutting off all means of physical or intellectual escape. Life itself forced a free-fall into that “unbounded spacious knowing” that was so catastrophic nothing remained of the illusory separate self which had appeared all those decades ago and been queen of its tea party ever since.

It never occurred to me that there had been any kind of spiritual “awakening”, because the free-fall was entirely at odds with my beliefs about such an occurrence: I didn’t fall into bliss or love or glorious feelings of grace. Yet the unforgettable moment marked a mind-shift and it was clear there’d be no going back; it heralded a new way of being in relationship with the world. A way that was actually very old and familiar to me . . .”

~ ~ ~

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William Samuel & Friends

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The Child Within Us Lives! Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics 
By William Samuel

You will find on this page the complete audio reading of “The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics” written by William Samuel and read by Sandy Jones

This entire recording contains 21 hours of audio, divided into 30 separate tracks.

We are moved to share this audio reading as a free gift to you.

Your donations for this inspiring and enlightening audio recording will be appreciated. All funding will go toward keeping William Samuel’s teachings available to those who seek greater understanding of Identity, Awareness, Reality and Truth.

William Samuel would often say that the communication of Truth is a unique, mysterious and subtle art—a gift of the Spirit that reaches beyond the intellect and touches the heart.

I have felt that by reading aloud William’s words, the combination of my voice and his message together would work a kind of synergy, an alchemy that could communicate Something Marvelous to the listener beyond the words.

That by hearing the words coming from my soul that knows the Child first hand, the listener would be moved beyond the intellect to find this Child’s Unbound Joy and Innocence, just as It has found me.

William Samuel was a genuine master teacher. He devoted his life to passing the clear perception of Identity on to the world. As the literary executor and protogee of William Samuel, it is my joy to read this book aloud to you.

I am assured that by listening to these words something wonderful and liberating will begin to stir within you, perhaps imperceptibly at first, but slowly, like a flower blooms, you will come to know the Wonder, Power, Strength, Intelligence, Vitality and Joy of your True Self. Listen with the heart, you will find It.

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Dhanya Durga Moffitt

My friend in Tiruvannamalai writes: Tiru update. Each lamppost is currently decorated with marketing brochures for up to twenty enlightenment teachers. Am wondering if the lampposts are now enlightened?!!

I replied: Always search for your keys under a lamppost even if you lost them in a dark alley way.

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