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Highlights #537

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Sunday 11/19/00

Dear patient readers,

I can see that editing the NDS highlights will be a task with
considerable variety. Last Sunday, there were so many good (in my
somewhat suspect opinion) posts, I had difficulty whittling them down.
Yesterday, there were so few interesting posts, I am at a bit of a loss
to know what to include. This was a week of ego clashes - a sort of
demolition derby of the psyche. This post by Michael Read resonates
with me regarding it. If you want more, check out the NDS itself.

Dear Illusory beings, thank you so much for all of the recent drama. It
has been quite delightful. While others of your kind have been actually
murdering, maiming, and mutilating one another, your particular brand of
personal attacks have a special flavor that is in a word exquisite! And
best of all, they leave no apparent marks upon the body of the attacked!

The various forms of "fuck yous", "you're full of shits", and "how can
you call yourself enlighteneds" while not overly creative, do present a
certain charm due to the zest and zeal of their presentations!

The sweetest and most poignet aspect is that you actually believe there
is someone who needs attacking by someone who is attacking.

Dear Illusory beings - lights out!


Peace - yawn - Michael

(Ed note: I especially like the "yawn" part)

As for other topics, this one touches my heart (on Saturday I must have
been winging about leaving Bioengineering for less harmful pastures)

Jan Barendrecht replied:

You're not alone in this Mark - several years ago, in New Scientist the
first articles started to appear about scientists who had given up their
job, having discovered that animals do have emotions so most lab animals
do suffer. As nature is simple, it doesn't come a surprise that a
mechanism observed in for instance a bee can be observed in humans as
well. The bee will incessantly fly against the window in an effort to
get out, a human will incessantly be flying against the "brick wall of
self" in an effort to get "out". Both can be hurt by their efforts and
administer hurt to any creature perceived as "hindrance" to their


Jerry pitched in:

One thing that turned me off about science is that I couldn't kill any
more animals. It suddenly became impossible. I still think about the
things I've done. And yet perhaps all great medical breakthroughs result
from animal research. Many benefit right this minute from the millions
of animals that have died.

When I was at the University of New Mexico doing research, the guy who
delivered/brokered/sold -- I wasn't sure of his exact role -- laboratory
research animals to us had his wife and kids wiped out in a car crash
while I was there. It was like a message to me.

Yet what have I learned? There is still in these hands two all-beef
patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed


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