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Highlights #546

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tuesday november 28th

The editor wonders if the highlights are a little cryptic today, or the
overly idiosyncratic. He's tired and has been spraypainting in the basement and
fumes may have distorted his judgement...


For the enlightened shopper...

--- John Metzger
--- [email protected]


A hermit's first post (there had been some talk of lifeboats):

There is a certain intimidation factor for me in all this. I hear the poetry and
pointiness of your words and have an intuition of
non duality through them. And yet this one, an old hermit who scarcely remembers
physical love and is sometimes shy and aloof
with would be lovers am pleased to know that there is room for me on the
Thanks Christiana. Hermit.



Welcome from another hermit Christiana. Not remembering is
one of those nice pointless pointers I
remember well :) Don't worry about a life"boat" though - a
small raft is the "better" alternative: less chance of
collisions while navigating the river called "life" ...


Dear Christiana,

I too welcome you as a practicing hermit. I think that for me the goal
is to be boatless, one with the water itself, but whoweee, it's a long
way down from here... (yes, I mean it) But sticking your toe in and
stirring the waters is the way in, so I'm glad you delurked. I enjoyed
the variety of responses to your observations, and I always enjoy the
variety of voices here. I'm glad you are adding yours.

I think the human condition is to be shy and aloof with would be lovers
(with life itself) and of course the would be lovers (the whole world)
are also shy and aloof, so it seems that there is a good reason to be
shy and aloof. We are all feeling our way into relationship. (exciting,
but scary too)

Love, Mark


My first post to this forum I sought to praise Christiana for her words that
me and thus impelled me to write. I see that
the way I signed off was confusing. I am hermit. Christiana is Christiana.
Thanks for
looking. Ron (hermit).


Dear Hermit, Welcome.

Let those who want to worry about lifeboats do so, I'll trust Mother Ocean.
She throws me up on shore, or takes me to herSelf, so be it.



Welcome Hermit. There is always room for everyone here, as Jerry often remarks.
Actually, it's easier to walk in than to walk
out :) And all people who participate whether with their input, sharings or
with their
receptivness, receiving add to what is
happening here. In the form of energy that flows in true communication.
And the gift and ability to listen is a precious one, imo.

I think you have beautifully composed me and Christiana into one being - I am
the one
that supports the "lurkers' case", she is
the one that often triggers nondual intuition with her words :) Thank you :)



Thanks Liliana for clearing up what was my confusion. Both you and Christiana,
fact all the writers here), are like water in
the desert to me. I may not always understand, but the intention underlying the
of non dualism makes my brain itch in a
very pleasant way. hermit.


Enlightenment is or is not, too obvious to be noticed and is or is not too
simple to
be understood. hermit


Hello hermit..

I smiled at how we all tended to become One there for a bit. Good
company we keep, eh? As cee, in her usual lovely way said:

> There is only one being. Rest assured of this in your own existence.
> We talk to each other and yet there is only one here. It is the
> wonderful conversation of self with itself. As has been said countless
> times in infinite ways, -no words can express it! But express it we do.
> We the people. We the people who hold no concept of what "people"
> is.

And you wrote:

> Right after I sent my chime in about "got a question for ya", I realized my
> simple mindedness.

And I had basked in the simplicity of your mind.

Welcome to this spacious home.



Gloria sent a couple of quotes:

Quotations are from the Eastern Orthodox tradition of Christianity

John the Solitary in "On Prayer:"

For God is silence, and in silence is he sung by means of that psalmody which is
worthy of Him. I am not speaking of the silence of the tongue, for if someone
merely keeps his tongue silent, without knowing how to sing in mind and spirit,
then he is simply unoccupied and becomes filled with evil thoughts: ...
There is a silence of the tongue, there is a silence of the whole body, there is
a silence of the soul, there is the silence of the mind, and there is the
silence of the spirit.

Seeing the light
(Quotations from Orthodox anthology)

St. Symeon the New Theologian in "The Catechetical Discourses XXII"

During the day he managed a patrician's household and daily went to the palace,
engaged in worldly affairs, so that no one was aware of his pursuits....One
day, as he stood and recited, "God, have mercy upon me, a sinner" Lk. 18:13),
uttering it with his mind rather than his mouth, suddenly a flood of divine
radiance appeared from above and filled all the room. As this happened the young
man lost all awareness [of his surroundings] and forgot that he was in a house
or that he was under a roof. He saw nothing but light all around him and did not
know if he was standing on the ground. He was not afraid of falling: he was not
concerned with the world nor did anything pertaining to men and corporeal beings
enter his mind. Instead, he seemed to himself to have turned into light.
of all the world he was filled with tears and with ineffable joy and gladness.


A Viewpoint:
There are two kinds of 'writers about this kinda stuff':

(you know, the kind of people that might be reading this NDS group,
like you - teachers, followers, interested parties, et al)

One, fancies himself as a masterful 'describer' of what-is-happening.
The other, alludes only to HOW to escape the "what-is-happening".


One, can only describe, in ever more complex terms, their current
view of "what-is-happening", with an apparent primal goal, to discover
more and more "happenings" to further describe.

The other, only reveals hints as to HOW to escape
whatEVER-is-happening, with an obvious goal, to stop further
descriptions of such empty unrealities.


One is only interested in producing the output, the doctrine, the
essay, the lecture, and could care LESS about its reception (that's
their problem).

The other is ONLY interested in its ultimate reception, for he knows
that information that CAN be received by another, demands something
"special" of the speaker (a "special-ness" the One has no conception


One, imagines that any two "happenings" are different, and thus must
be described individually, usually differently.

The other, knows that, NOT, "nothing-is-happening" (stuff IS
happening, alright?), BUT that, ALL-is-happening, at-once, and all
such "apparent happenings" are the structures of an eternal box, a
boundary beyond which no description may pass, and inside which is
the "thinker/describer".


One, has no idea HOW to escape the BOX, which is omnitaneously
HappeningAllAround - consisting of all-thought-about-that, most
seriously described.

The other not only knows HOW to escape, can do it, in spite of
thought, in realtime. That is, can makes HIMSELF smile, Brain-smile.
Can Think.


One, has no idea what the Other is doing, or talking about.
The other understands perfectly, why.


Of course, there may be other Views, but I already mentioned that,
didn't I.



EVERYONE starts life as the One, and most continue, never dreaming of
the Other. But once One discovers the Other...

The Other is what One becomes - and never goes back.


Of course, there may be other Views, but I already mentioned that,
didn't I.



How about being able to describe "what-is-happening" as how to
escape? Seems to me possible, that in the describing, IS the escape. :-)



It seems to me to be a three tiered process.

At first One believes everything is "out there."
Then One comes to believe everything is "in here."
(This is the projection theory.)
Then One comes to see that there isn't any "out there"
or "in here." (Or otherwise seen as what was thought
of as "in here" is really "out there" too.)



This truth we are all talking about, or talking around and through, this
"nonduality" is the truth of everyone. Realizable by everyone. Jerry calls
this place, "nonduality for the people." The term is beautiful because it
says the truth is not somewhere else and unreachable. It says everyone (and
this means you) is the essence and heart of the utterly joyous truth of
existence itself. It means that students and so called teachers alike are
themselves this radiant truth. It means everything and everyone is the same
unique awareness. It means we express this ancient truth in many voices, in
new ways. The same one, the only one, is both the seeker and the finder, and
transcends both.

Taking the consideration a little further, the term "nonduality for the
people" is a sweet enigma. If you believe you are a "person" confined to a
human form and living in world you have yet to understand the profound
meaning of nonduality.

Nonduality means "not two". A person in an environment is already two.
The word "people" implies a self and an other. These apparent dualities will
all come to rest. Nonduality has no form and no concepts and can only be
realized by direct experience, not second hand experience. There is only one
being. Rest assured of this in your own existence.

We talk to each other and yet there is only one here. It is the
wonderful conversation of self with itself. As has been said countless times
in infinite ways, -no words can express it! But express it we do. We the
people. We the people who hold no concept of what "people" is.

love to all you great wolves, saints and sages
who light the wayless way for all


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