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Wednesday November 29th

Dan Berkow, meditation and non meditation;

Meditation can be viewed as
the release from the process of

The process of attachment can
be viewed as nonmeditation in the sense that
it depends on continuing past attitudes
and continuing the self that is the accumulation
of past images, memories, and reactions.

Meditation is discontinuous, instantaneous
awareness nondependent on words or images.

The "meditation of non-meditation" occurs
when there is no worthwhile division between
an activity or nonactivity labelled as meditation and
an activity or nonactivity labelled as nonmeditation.

The fullness of reality as omnipresent
allows nonattachment to the process of attachment
and nonattachment to the dissolution of that process.
There is no preference or investment in a meditation
process or nonprocess
that exists apart from a nonmeditation process
or nonprocess.

"Nonmeditation meditation" is purely direct awareness,
"conferred" by awareness to awareness with no
intermediary. It is not a process, has no instruction
manual, isn't identifiable or recognizable. It
is simply the unvarnished truth, "what is as is",
neither divided nor undivided, neither continuing
nor discontinuous.

The body-mind is at once the process of attachment,
the basis for meditation, and that which is simultaneously
released and fulfilled with the "meditation of nonmeditation".
"The body-mind released and fulfilled" is the end of birth-death
as identification, and the "acceptance beyond acceptance"
of living/dying as unspit awareness.



A responsive cee;

spit and unspit
precisely this
your words fly home
without re-cognition

(never) occurs
in crystal clarity

as i've said before
you rock

in a rock and roll
passionate kind of way
and in an unchanging
absolutely still kind of way

thank you

with and without


>How about being able to describe "what-is-happening" as how to
>escape? Seems to me possible, that in the describing, IS the escape. :-)

No description of "what is"
can give or substitute for
"what is".
Any useful description undermines
itself and throws awareness back
to its own being as is, not
the being it tries to describe to
itself, tries to experience, or tries
to perceive as an image or idea.

There is literally no escape, nothing
from which to escape, and no one who
can escape. The intent to escape,
to continue, or to get is undermined
by the "reality of no intent", that
which is before, during, and after



Dear NDS:

....white wolfe has read so many "denials" of the importance of the "practice of
meditation" or of "contemplative prayer" and of
"spiritual" experience in general at this salon in his short time here he no
bothers to enter such ramblings....they contradict
his own humble beginner's practice and was upon reading the the
following quotation that hope that maybe all is not
lost in a world which seems to be concerned with increasingly subtle shades of
greyness and to have forgotten the importance of
being green....of working in the bone yard of the meditation hall to being
fully and
trully !Awake!

"Start with a simple example. A meditator is hooked to an EEG machine. As the
meditator enters a deep contemplative state, the
EEG machine shows an unmistakably novel series of brain wave pattersn (such as
production of delta waves, which usually
occur only in deep dreamless sleep). Moreoever, the meditator claims that, in
direct experience of this delta state, she is having
experiences for which the word "spiritual" seems most fitting: she is
experiencing a
sense of expanded consciousness, an increase
in love and compassion, a feeling of encountering the sacred and numinous in
herself and the world at large."

-Ken WIlbur, Theory of Everything, p. 65

how fascintating that the "religion" of scientific material liberalism is
being forced by the very tools of its invention and method
of enquiry to acknowledge what the saints and mystics have know since before

further up and further in,

white wolfe


Expectation of what it is to be 'awake' keeps one asleep.
Drop expectations.
You are a buddha, a christ, god in the flesh
know this.

All the rest is mere play.
All of life is play.
Conciousness is play.

Each one is the mystery, the way and the life.

Compassion and love encompasses us all as one being.


Peace - meditation has never ceased, nor has it begun - Michael


Dear Michael:

when i look in the mirror i see the truth...not yet...when i meditate i
perceive the truth...not yet....when i write poetry it tells me....not
yet....all experience leads to a mysterious question....what lies beyond? ^^

further up and further in,

white wolfe

the wild call of the white wolfe

i who am sometimes called by myself white wolfe
i who sing to you who are members of the pack
i who dance upon the fresh snow leaving no tracks
i who sit within the silver moon and run with the stars
i who am beyond the canopy of seamless darkness

i sing to you this great teaching, this deep wisdom

sit and howl at the moon of suffering no more
the time for such maddest and love is past
long ago you perfected this tuneless incantation

this wailing of blind tears disturbs the tranquil mind

look deep into the watery mirror and behold
the warrior whom you have forgotten you are
allow your Mystic Mind to awaken once again

sing instead the sacred song i teach you to sing

sit and howl into the darkness beyond suffering no more
the time for such agony in love is over
let your capering paws leave the muddy path

this dance of death and sadness breaks your noble heart

recall the scent of the cosmic wind and arise
follow the shaman within to a place before beginning
allow your Sacred Heart to guide you once again

dance the holy dance i dance before you with me

i dance before you the ancient wisdom beyond understanding

i who am beyond the canopy of seamless darkness
i who sit in the silver moon and run with the stars
i who dance upon the fresh snow leaving no tracks
i who sing to you who are members of the pack
i who am sometimes called by myself white wolfe

i call to you to remember the still waters deep within
to follow the wild dance beyond the midnight dark sky
i call you with a wild call to a wild song and wild dance
to celebrate all creatures, all creation arising and falling

i call to you to awaken, to sing and dance divinely
and join with me eternally in celebrating with God.

Mark Christopher Valentine
November 29, 2000


Dear Mark, nothing lies beyond. There is nothing further up or
further in.

Ah, but how rich this nothing is!

Your poetry is lovely.

The prey sought by the wolf is the wolf itself!
The dance and the dancer are one and the same - conciousness.


Peace - howling with you in infinity - Michael

ps - as my Grandpa used to say, "see you in the funny papers!"

Love and compassion.

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