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Saturday, December 2



Keeping to a steady tempo you set, start saying one letter of the
alphabet aloud while simultaneously thinking of a different one.
Force yourself to stay with at it for a while, and be prepared to
discover something useful to awakening that you never realized.

If you think that you are here - you are not,
and if you think that you are not here - you are insane.




Jim Morrison (one of a long line of
mystic substance-abusing poets)
said he wanted to
disorder the senses,
was interested in chaos
and apparently meaningless activity ...

But he mistook the situation as
one in which the senses were
ordered and had to be disordered,
in which something other than chaos
could be present, in which there
could meaningfully be meaningful
and meaningless activity...

There is excess meaning, or no meaning --
but there isn't meaningful and meaningless
activity --

...the space between the sounds of the wind ...

The senses, including thought, have no
order other than what is given
to them by and as description.


'Description' is the action of putting into words (literally, writing
down), or in
geometry the drawing of a line. Description is all that is available
to knowing. I
notice that all there is is an action.
'I' do it all to surprise 'myself'.
I don't buy that statement from Jim M., he wanted to escape and he
did. He was not
dumb enough to see the senses as ordered.
Blake was more honest when he asked how you could know how much was
enough without
knowing how much was too much.
Blake got it when he said who knows but that a bird is a universe
unknown to our


Interesting observation, as JM studied
and enjoyed Blake - The
quote used by Huxley for "The Doors
of Perception" comes from Blake,
and was used by Morrison to entitle
the group. "When the doors of perception
are cleansed, everything is revealed as it
is - infinite." (paraphrasing, I'm sure)

JM didn't really get to escape, he
just died young. Got a temporary
reprieve, but his Indian guide
made him review his life in the Bardo,
and he found that his "living at the
edge of chaos and order" had only
just begun. In fact, his attempt
to increase chaos was actually a
running away from it - as you suggest.

He found out that the attempt to derange
oneself is a self-defeating strategy,
since the deranger always maintains
an existence that will "come back",
after the period of derangement is
past. Hence, an underlying
despair and nihilism augmented itself,
and there was increasing reliance
on alcohol.

As for Will Blake - clearly expressed insight.

He "saw" - knew that a bird is an unknown universe.


And a bird is the description of a universe.
Description draws a line.
Description is gesture of the infinite.



The Embrace

Tears in your eyes
Laughter in your heart

Quiet as snow
Still as stones

Winds lifting roars
Stars shining feathers

Knowing you are
All this, silly and grand

Coaster rolling
Roller coasting

Knowing the tears are only rain
The laughter only sunshine.


DAN and JAN:

The "organic computer" functions
according to its "program" --
there is no one enslaved
and no one freed.

The organic computer comes with a little mystery:
It has the option of self-modifying code although no self can be shown
to exist.
There isn't a programmer and yet it is programmed perfectly.



Hi Guys,

The articles from New Scientist have been uploaded:

And don't forget, it's from scientist's perspective - promising so J

Enjoy the read,


Some of the ND dictums are:
"there is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, nothing to seek, nothing to
find, nothing to wake up from, nothing to realize"
So obviously, there is no escape from sentient life and one can
relax - sentient life has to be the escape itself (ROTFL). And of
course, an escape from no-escape!:)

Jan (non-escaped escapologist)


TERRY MURPHY quotes Zarathustra:

I've been reading 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' lately, and would like to
some bits from the chapter, 'On the Blissful Islands.'

" God is a supposition: but I want your supposing to be bounded by
Could you *conceive* a god? - But may the will to truth mean this
you: that everything shall be transformed into the
humanly-conceivable, the
humanly-evident, the humanly palpable! You should follow your own
senses to
the end!
And you yourselves should create what you have hitherto called
World: the World should be formed in your image by your reason, your
and your love! And truly, it will be your happiness, you enlightened
And how should you endure life without this hope, you enlightened
Neither in the incomprehensible nor in the irrational can you be at
But to reveal my heart entirely to you, friends: *if* there were
how could I endure not to be a god! *Therefore* there are no gods.
I, indeed, drew that conclusion; but now it draws me.

...For the Creator himself to be the child new-born he must also
willing to be the mother and endure the mother's pain.
Truly, I have gone my way through a hundred souls and through a
cradles and birth-pangs. I have taken many departures, I know the
heart-breaking last hours.
But my creative will, my destiny, wants it so. Or to speak more
honestly: my will wants precisely such a destiny.
All *feeling* suffers in me and is in prison: but my *willing*
comes to me as a liberator and a bringer of joy.
Willing liberates: that is the true doctrine of will and
freedom - thus
Zarathustra teaches you.

...But again and again it drives me to mankind, my ardent,
will; thus it drives the hammer to the stone.
Ah, you men, I see an image sleeping in the stone, the image of my
visions! Ah, that it must sleep in the hardest, ugliest stone!
Now my hammer rages fiercely against its prison. Fragments fly
from the
stone: what is that to me?
I will complete it: for a shadow came to me - the most silent,
lightest of all things once came to me!
The beauty of the Superman came to me as a shadow. Ah, my
What are the gods to me now!"

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