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Highlights #552

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I'm sorry. I mistakenly attributed the Balsekar meditations (that was
Manuel V. Hernandez who posted it) and I meant to include James Bean's
post of the following poems. (sorry 'bout that) - mark


O my Beloved, come and grant me Thy sight!
I can't exist without You!
The life without You is like a pond without a lotus flower
or similar to a night without moon!
Thus I pass nights without You.
Passing nights and days in distress,
Your absence is eating away my heart.

-- Mira Bai

I wandered in search of a true
lover but did not find any;
When a lover meets another
over, then all poison turns into

My Lord is dwelling in each and
every heart; not a single place is
But that heart is great where
God manifests His qualities.

Kabir Sahib says: "I made my
eyes into a bridal room and the
pupils into a bridal bed;
I pulled down the curtains of
the eyelids and pleased my Beloved." *

-- Kabir, "Kabir Sakhi -- Spiritual Gems of Kabir," Kabir Association
* In the tradition of the lover and the Beloved, union
with the Supreme
Being is the true motivation for practicing meditation.

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