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Highlights #559

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Saturday, December 9


CHRISTIANA describes Lectio Movements:

1. Lectio: Read the passage for the first time. (It helps to read it
aloud softly.) What phrase, sentence or even one word stands out to
you? Begin to repeat that phrase, sentence, or word over and over,
allowing it to settle deeply in your heart. Do any insights begin to
arise? Do not expand these insights right now; this can be done at a
later time. Simply return to the repetition of the phrase, sentence,
or even one word, savoring it in your heart.

2. Meditatio: Relish these words; let them resound in your heart.
Read the passage as often as you wish, learning these words by heart
as you continue to repeat them in your mind.

3. Oratio: Let an attitude of quiet receptiveness permeate the prayer
time, an openness to a deeper hearing of the Word of God. As you
continue to "listen" to this phrase, sentence, or even one word, a
prayer may arise spontaneously in response. Offer that prayer, then
return to repeating the word in your heart.

4. Contemplatio: When you find that you move beyond the meaning of the
phrase, sentence or word to the gift of the divine presence of the
Word, rest in God as long as the Presence or attraction remains.

Note: These steps are not separate, but flow into each other. There is
no hurry to finish any particular chapter or verse; it is more
important to listen deeply to God's word to you at this moment.

To extend the practice: After the resting, take the phrase,
sentence, or word into your daily activity and listen to it, reflect
on it, pray over it, and rest in it as time allows during the day.
Allow it to become part of you.


JERRY offered:

This was received from one calling him- or herself 'K'


'Who AM I '
Months went by asking this question - 'Who Am I'
Mind provided so many answers, conditoned, borowed, bookish, dead
The answers brought no transformation - more importantly no bliss.
were peripheral.
So many answers were there :
Mind said - You are so and so
Mind said - You are body
Mind said - You are consciousness
Mind said - You are soul
Mind said- You are Brahma, the Truth
Mind said - You are Immortal
Mind said - You are Light

So many answers, but seemed I was untouched. Borrowed, dead answers -
bringing no significant transformation.
..then one day
I saw, question was on the periphery, answer was in the centre.
Question was borrowed. Answer was personal.
Question was deep insides, and answers that came were from deep
Question was mine, answers were all borrowed.

Just this fact, merely this observation became a transformation.
All answers from mind became useless, as if they were not required.
An illusion was shattered that mind can possibly answer.
As if a window to sun got opened, suddenly.
Mind used to answer --this was the problem - fundamental problem.
Some truth was anxious and eager to come forth, only borrowed answers
blocking that.
Mere awakening to this fact , sheer awakening became the answer.
But before that - only me and the question existed - intense,
dedicated, burning question - Who Am I.
Such obsessive was the question, as if I was not existing, only the
existed, as if I had transformed into a living question - Who Am I.
And the explosion happened.
Answer came from some unknown dimension.
Truth never comes gradually, it comes like an explosion.
Truth cant be brought, you just create an atomopshere for it to

Words are not answers.
Void is the answer.
State of becoming questionless is the answer.

JANET responded:

What this person K says is exactly how i feel! but cannot put into
words as
they have so eloquently done. That state of becoming questionless,
ceases. putting the mind and thoughts to rest, as though Who I Am
arises out
of who i am already. it's like setting the plan of what you *think*
would like to do, and finding your life unfold into another
unimaginable way
that you never intended and you are happiness existing, exactly where
are, and there was never a plan executed from where that happiness



wonderful friends,

some of you might like to
added some chapters to the site
visuals and words



Thinking about "awakening" is not the act of awakening. Just as
thinking about an action, IS not that action - no matter how you try
to convince yourself that it is. But, thinking about awakening, could
be said to be, much preferable to day-dreaming, or imagination.
Or: Worrying about the irrelevant.
Or: Living a life of pretend.
Or: Having a mind made of glue.
Or: Taking symbolism for substance.
Or: Always answering the phone.
Or: The inability to stop chasing yourself.
Or: Wanting to jump up in the air and not come down.

So what?
Who knows?



One of the things which might differentiate the more common
person of today from such famous preachers as buddha or jesus is the
likelihood that today such a person might have a job and a family, and
usual clutch of circumstances making life difficult to live
Yet, such a person may be a genuine teacher, giving a glimpse into a
way of
life which uses the ordinary circumstances of life and raises them to
higher level. A person who holds high ideals and lives the life of
ordinary being may be more important to the Work than people who adopt
and whole cultures and preach of ordinary life while living something
Wait a minute, isn't that what we are doing here? Yes!




Within the next month someone will be posting the 50,000th message.
Whoever that is will win one of the very few Nonduality Salon t-shirts
still have. You can monitor the number of posts at

Employees of NDS, their families, friends, pets, are all eligible.
Anyone spamming their way to number 50,000 -- not that that would
in a place this classy -- will be disqualified. If the post is of the
nature of personal attack, it will be disqualified. Also, I would be
disqualified as the winner. And if the 50,000th post is me personally
attacking someone, I'd REALLY by disqualified. If a post is
disqualified, the post nearest to 50,000, but not over, will be the
winner. Good luck, sharpen your pencils, fill up your fountain pens,
may the best Saloner win.



An early message posted here by Sandeep questioned: Many people here
are talking the walk, but how many are walking the talk? (or walking
the walk)?

This is a question everyone should ask themselves. "Why am I posting
on the NondualitySalon list?" My guess is most people would not be
able to answer. This is a big blind spot or area of



Nothing occurs out of a sense of doership except the illusion
that the independent "me" entity is the doer.

All doing occurs in the now and derives from the Source.



it is a gift to be able to participate in the salon.
what's happening here is quite marvelous. the
divine self waking up to itself. the arrow is in midair,
yet the goal is always already enjoyed.

if we are human beings in a world, then we are engaged here in the
highest of human pursuits. the world benefits from us even having the

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