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thursday december 14th

>Is it because something does not quite jell? Does humanity after
>thousands of years not automatically embrace this concept of a "Self"
>because it does not really exist?

~ Chaz

I have noticed that humanity does not easily accept concepts
of the indefinable.

But it is not embracing the concept of a Self that is transforming...
it is the spontaneous and intimate recognition of that which is
unboundaried, undifferentiated, and indescribably mySelf.



Hi Cee,

Did you, for the duration of one day, count the thoughts and feelings, NOT
relating to
a mind-body?
Did you experience the "fascination" of samadhis?
Isn't that fascination because all those thoughts and feelings (temporarily)
What then, is the use of adding more terms to the vocabulary of "mind-body"
when its primary occupation could be called self-obsession?:)
Dreaming or awake, ascending or descending, "in" samadhi or "out of" samadhi,
it all pertains to "mind-body" whereas "joy" is the joy of just *being*.



The dream is awake the whole time.
The illusion that there is a dreamer
or a dream entity vanishes.
With no dreamer or dream entity,
the term "dream" doesn't apply
to this. Neither does reality.



Lives in selves and talks a lot.
Sometimes splatters, may be spewing.

The crux of the matter is a waste of energy.
Someday is now and will always be.

More I frets more sore it gets.
If I thinks if and but, know that is only rut.

Me O my. Me O my, so here and here feel the beer.

Beer is beyond. Just be a flower.
Sometimes relax. Or sing in shower.

Beer did.


Hi Dan,

You have put your points so beautifully that it is hard for me to follow
your suggestion to forget the concept of 'nonduality' that baffles me a lot.
Of course, if I have no thoughts (concepts) whatsoever, nothing will baffle
my mind. But then there is still an "urge" to live in a non-duality way. I
agree with you, though, that I should not take the whole things too
seriously or else I will go nuts. :-)

I am looking forward to your further poetic advice!



Hi Andy -
You're too kind.
My advice is advice to myself.
Whether I take it or not, who knows?
How can I check?

What is it when "mind" is world
and "world" is mind -- and
there is neither mind nor world?

Who lives, who dies?
Who can be located living in a nondual way?

I am in the process of going nuts.
People who know me, know I'm nuts.
And that's fine with me.
Whoever they take me for, is not who I am.



Hi Dan,
You're too modest, man.
Your advice is my command.
Whether it works or not, time will tell.
If it doesn't I won't despair,if it does, who will care?

Is it true that we are the world?
Is it true that we are one?
Why does the world is tearing apart?

Everybody lives, nobody dies.
Living in a nondual way is the sanest.

I am in the process of recovery from being nuts.
People who know me, except my wife, do not even know I'm nuts.
And being nuts or not, that's fine with me.
Whoever they take me for, is not who I am.


P.S. The last line is too beautiful to change. :-)

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