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Thursday January 4th


Here's the url of a guy who lives here in Halifax who teaches a nondual



Dave and Melody:

> I can not only hear the rather obvious guidance in
> this, but it gives me pause to consider just how
> quickly the mind jumps to conclusions, and how
> we tend to act with such *certainty* that we can
> read the intent of another.
> I see that * coming to conclusions* about
> an 'other'....whether it be a man, or a 'box',
> ....whether it be done consciously, or
> unconsciously,
> is simply an act of fear and 'self' preservation.
> Once more, this 'fear of death' confronts me.
> love,
> Melody

The account of Don Juan's inorganic entities may seem
far fetched, A "realty" outside of our typical realm
of "conclusions". But looked at closely, this dark box/
dark man.... and perhaps more notably, the dark man...
is an entity, and an entity that is inorganic.

Our normal assumptions, or the conclusions that we most
readily jump to are related to our particular conditioning,
which of course we all have. Similarly, humans in general tend to
have a common conditioning, which goes further to support
a World Dream perspective as Gene calls it.

But in this last account, you clearly see a crucial point,
that you yourself have seen how jumping to conclusions
has produced a "certainty" of danger, a "certainty" that upon
reflection may have been misguided.

There remains one last certain fear.....
A fear most highly supported within the World Dream environment.
Death is always seen from the "outside". Those that suffer in any
death are the ones that remain. Close brushes with death accentuate
the fear, (much like the process of vomiting). Before is painful
and scarey, and if you hold it off, the pain is extended and the fear
is increased. Once it is over, it's a wonderful relief.

This may not help, the conditioning is strong, but I saw it
clearly when a bug splatted on my windshield. The bug was
flitting along happily, and then it wasn't. For the bug,
nothing had changed. Sure I knew what had happened, but the bug
remained happy for eternity, flitting along in the sun.

Your death marks the end, your birth marked the beginning. It's
a beginning and an end, or a marvel in timeless existence .
It has been what it has been, and that cannot be changed.
It is what you've seen it to be, and that can be changed.
It's a miracle beyond miracles.... especially the Melody part.

Good luck with your dark man.

Below perhaps, another pending reality, of course words
cannot do it justice. I hesitate to write this here,
but perhaps I do so to accentuate the emphasis in the
process at hand.

I would say it has already begun.

Sometimes we focus too much on what has happened in our lives,
what we could have done, how we should have reacted.
As it is said so often here, everything is exactly as it should
be. Certainly everything in your life will lead to the destiny
described below, and all of it will be needed to make the final
comittment, where it can all be let go in the moment of your death.

But the last fear is pending:

There will be a dense blanket of fear, which approaches like
a dark transparent blanket. Adrenalin rising, all instincts are
set to run and retreat, if you could. You stand firmly, trembling,
opening your arms to expose your chest. The blanket approaches and begins
to engulf you. The moment of that fear is upon you. An end to Melody,
the bullet leaves the gun, in slow motion. Heart pounding pressure in
the chest, eyes closed trusting, feeling the Source. You commit now,
like jumping into a void, a conscious and deliberate offering of that
which once was Melody. Warmth, like blood starts to radiate out of
the chest, a sense of rising, conversion to light, melting into a Love,
something more than that, a Unity, something never before experienced
or imagined (believe me). Tenderness, compassion, beyond words now,
nothing human. This IS a reality Melody.

This offering is made outside of the physical and logical world,
but it is complete. It can only be offered sincerely, therefore
hightening too the dense fear that preceeds. In the end, it's
pretty much a paralyzing fear, therefore making it almost mandatory
that an enlightened one finally commit to the offering.

Good Luck in this Time to Come.


Hi Jerry,

A huge paradox was unfolding at that time. I was living with
a Japanese woman, seeing the oriental woman as "my soul mate".
She was an actress that played the "American Girl" in broadway
plays presented in Japan. She avoided Japanese men as I avoided
American women (though not completely). What we discoverd about
each other was that she was more "American" than the American
gals I knew. And I, of course, was more Japanese then the
Japanese men she knew. It got really intense. When I finally saw
her off at the airport, I breathed, as if for the first time.

The incident with the woman in Bloomindale's was a message that
I understood much later on. BTW that woman was Jacqueline Kennedy.



At the still point of consciousness, attention and intention
seem to coincide revealing the power of dialogue, even to
bridge the communication barrier between the species.

At least that was the honest-to-God truth in the case of
the cow I once met. :-)

My friend Milt, a science fiction writer, and I were driving
along a country road in upstate New York when we were
halted by a herd of cows hanging out with no apparent intent
to move. The presiding farmer, his son, and dog were
shouting and barking at the cows to move to the pasture,,
but to no avail.

Milt and I sat in the car for about ten minutes, when Milt
flew into a rage, muttering how he was ging to be late for
his appointment with a broker to examine a house he was
considering to purchase.

For the love of truth, I cannot figure out to this day what
prompted me to get out of the car and walk over to this
one cow. I put one arm over his shoulder and with the
other pointed to the pasture. She responded immediately
and all the other cows followed her into the pasture.

The farmer, son, and dog just stood there dumbfounded.
When I got back to the car Milt looked at me with
astonishment and said, "where in hell did you ever learn to
do that." I know I was pretending to be cool and just
smiled at him as if I do such things all the time. But I was
having a hard time myself believing what had just

The thing I remember most about it was the spontaneity
and the realization that it wasn't "me" doing it.



....white wolfe sits alone upon the ice...the frozen waters that are his
ground. and listens to
the wind...the song of the father he does not know...he understands the
torments of
the chattering mind
that refuses the white stillness...his shimmering white fur is singed by
into black ashes and
grey smoke...he returns to the mother who pushed him out of the womb and onto
ice....all of these
things he embraces with these words...white wolfe calls to you now and forever
to what
beyond....he reminds you that of all things only the love of the one for two,
the love
or two for reunion is

mira has taught the white wolfe this deep wisdom...she is the beloved who hides
the mask of the
white wolfe who is the lover...she is the one who abides within the deep
silence of is the scent
of snowflakes that the white wolfe lifts his nose to and returns...follow the
white are the white

further up and further in,

white wolfe


The chattering mind *IS* the white stillness. The torment is
believing in the separation... that the mind has to be silenced, or
has to be escaped.

Bologna. Thought is not separate from "That." There is no escaping
realization. It has you, Wolf. It *IS* you.

Know this well: There is no escape. You cannot get away from the
transcendent Beingness that you are, even though you might keep
trying. Trying and trying, everyone keeps trying. Imagining they
are not the Self. Pretending they are something else.

Even the pretending and the imagining is a movement of Reality. Know
there is no escape.

Love Always,



Dear Omkara,

Instantly, there is only ocean.
Not only is there ocean in every direction,
there is only ocean right here.

This sea creature is a bag made of water holding
water, surrounded by water.

Instantly, there is neither ocean nor nonocean,
water nor nonwater.

No creature to realize or state a single thing.

All is just as it is.

Outside the window, a young man walks in sunlight down the street
as a car drives by.
Inside the room, the sound of a computer printer.



Dear Dan-ji,

Certain Hindu scriptures state there is something like ignorance
covering, obscuring or hiding our true nature.

I say there is nothing of the sort. Does the presence of fog hinder
the ability to breathe? Does it affect the oxygen in the air one
single iota?

Perhaps such scripture and related teachings constitutes a pack of

I wonder about "instant" and "gradual." These are ways of describing
something outside of time, something neither instant nor gradual but

For some, realization of 'WHAT IS' may be perceived as "instant" --
for some it may be perceived as "gradual..."

Yet 'WHAT IS' itself is neither instant nor gradual, but Eternal.

Reality being outside of time, how can the 'realization' of it be an
event taking place in time?

Truly there is no 'realization', no 'instant,' no 'gradual.' These
are things concerning those who like to discuss and
conceptualize 'That Which Is'.

Dropping all concepts of 'That Which Is," what remains is
simply 'That Which Is.'




Terry Murphy sent this:

*Blessed Yearning*

Tell it none except the wise,
for the common crowd defames:
of the living I shall praise
that which longs for death in flames.

In the love night which created
you where you create, a yearning
wakes: you see, intoxicated,
far away a candle burning.

Darkness now no longer snares you,
shadows lose their ancient force,
as a new desire tears you
up to higher intercourse.

Now no distance checks your flight,
charmed you come and you draw nigh
till, with longing for the light,
you are burnt, O butterfly.

And until you have possessed
dying and rebirth,
you are but a sullen guest
on the gloomy earth.



Hi Terry....

>Melody: And to simply 'blame' this change in expression and
> heart on menopause would be a very big mistake.

> terry: I have heard menopausal women speak this way before, boys,
so watch
> out! and walk softly.

Very funny. :-)

> To start, please forgive me, Melody, for speaking precisely of
what you
> explicitly say is not the root of the problem; chalk it up to a rant
if you
> like.

Whatever it was, Terry, I enjoyed your discussion,
and I appreciate the sensitivity you bring to a subject
which is seldom discussed in mixed company.

I remain unconvinced, however, that a drop in hormone
production has triggered the events of the last few weeks
for me, though.

I would be more apt to suggest that it is K that is at the
*root* of all these 'changes'....and that the reduction in
hormone production ....and all that effects of body,
mind, spirit, a process that is triggered by (besides the
surgical removal of a uterus/ovary years ago!) 'K'? ......along
with It? ....because of it? .... in spite of it? I truly don't know.)

This does open an interesting opportunity for discussion -
one that I have never seen opened before elsewhere.

In your model below, Terry, I would be interested in
hearing your thoughts (and Jan's) on the following...

* If a woman takes estrogen/progesterin.....does the
transformation you describe below *not* take place?

* What is the connection/relation between having
active/or awakening 'K'...and going thru menopause?
I ask this because, it seems:

- 'K' can be awakened....without a change in hormone

- Hormonal balance can be changed, without
activating 'K'.

Thanks for opening a discussion to a rather 'taboo' subject....
especially now when women in midlife work so hard to
'pass' for a much younger woman.



These are good questions.

Hormones are in the physical body. The 'other' bodies are not
physical in the same way; perhaps on a finer, subtler level.
Just as pressure in the crown area could be from a brain
tumor or the chakra opening, manifestations can be causes
or results or ......... It is probably reflective. A kundalini
awakening has to have a hormonal affect. Just as breathing
consciously changes the chemistry of the blood.

I am typing as I think but I am interested if others have insights
on these questions.


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